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Trivia Quiz: How Well Do You Know Psychology’s Pioneers? When he delivered his now classic book to his publisher, which author apologized that it was a "loathsome, distended, tumefied, bloated, dropsical mass?"
Successful insomnia treatment may require nothing more than a placebo A new study indicates that successful treatment for insomnia may not actually require complicated neurofeedback (direct training of brain functions). Rather, it appears patients who simply believe they're getting neurofeedback training appear to get the same benefits.
Imaging study confirms differences in ADHD brains The prestigious journal The Lancet has published a large study identifying differences in the brains of people diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It found ADHD is associated with the delayed development of five brain regions, and should be considered a brain disorder. This is vindication for people experiencing ADHD whose diagnosis is sometimes called [...]
Mindfulness shows promise as we age — but study results are mixed As mindfulness practices rise in popularity and evidence of their worth continues to accumulate, those who work with aging populations are looking to use the techniques to boost cognitive, emotional and physiological health. But studies so far have shown mixed results in the elderly, and more investigation is needed to determine exactly how best to [...]
Math and maps make you nervous? It could be in your genes Our genes play a significant role in how anxious we feel when faced with spatial and mathematical tasks, such as reading a map or solving a geometry problem, according to a new study by researchers from King’s College London. Spatial skills are important in everyday life, from navigation to assembling flat-pack furniture, and have also [...]
Online daters ignore wish list when choosing a match Despite having a very clear ‘wish list’ stating their preference for potential ideal matches, most online daters contact people bearing no resemblance to the characteristics they say they want in a mate, according to QUT research. The finding was revealed in the ‘Preference vs Choice in Online Dating’ study conducted by QUT behavioural economists Stephen [...]
Career Tips for Those Living with Bipolar Living with bipolar can be very tough because it affects so many different areas of your life. For example, when I first got diagnosed with bipolar, I had to figure … ...
Humans are hard-wired to follow the path of least resistance The amount of effort required to do something influences what we think we see, finds a new UCL study suggesting we’re biased towards perceiving anything challenging to be less appealing. “Our brain tricks us into believing the low-hanging fruit really is the ripest,” says Dr Nobuhiro Hagura, who led the UCL team before moving to [...]
Teens with PTSD and conduct disorder have difficulty recognizing facial expressions Adolescents with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms are more likely to misidentify sad and angry faces as fearful, while teens with symptoms of conduct disorder tend to interpret sad faces as angry, finds a study by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. “Our findings suggest that exposure to stress and trauma can [...]
More black police won’t result in fewer police-involved homicides of black citizens Hiring more black police officers is not a viable strategy for reducing police-involved homicides of black citizens in most cities, according to new Indiana University research that is the first in-depth study of this increasingly urgent public policy question. IU researchers tested a potential solution that emerged following the police shooting of an unarmed black [...]
Seizures tracked with apple watch app linked to stress, missed sleep New research using an Apple Watch app to track seizures in people with epilepsy finds triggers are often stress and missed sleep, according to a preliminary study released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 69th Annual Meeting in Boston, April 22 to 28, 2017. For the 10-month study, 598 people [...]
New behavioral therapy to support Japanese mothers of children with ADHD OIST researchers have successfully adapted a parent-training program for ADHD for use with families in Japan, where ADHD-specific behavioral interventions are limited. The results of the proof-of-concept of the new program, the “New Forest Parenting Programme-Japan”, published in Japanese Psychological Research, show reductions in children’s ADHD symptoms and improvements in parent-child relationships, suggesting that the [...]
New insights into the information processing of motor neurons In a study published in Cell Reports in February 2017, Matt Rowan, Ph.D., a Post-doctoral researcher in the lab of Dr. Jason Christie, sought to understand the molecular mechanisms behind a type of short-term neuronal plasticity that may have importance for motor control. The team showed that this type of plasticity can impact neurotransmission in [...]
Model helps explain why some patients with multiple sclerosis have seizures Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system that affects nearly 2.3 million people worldwide. MS is triggered when the immune system attacks the protective covering around nerve fibers, called the myelin sheath. The “demyelination” that follows damages nerve cells and causes impaired exchange of information between the brain and body [...]
Twitter researchers offer clues as to why Trump won Jiebo Luo and Yu Wang did not set out to predict who would win the 2016 U.S. presidential election. However, their exhaustive, 14-month study of each candidate’s Twitter followers-enabled by machine learning and other data science tools-offers tantalizing clues as to why the race turned out the way it did. “We wanted to understand how [...]
The Best Archetypal Characters For Film Carl Jung believed in a concept he called the “collective unconscious.” According to that precept all humans share unconscious memories about everything that’s happened since the beginning of time. These … ...
Four Teens, Yikes! Some Ways To Support Your Teens I’m only one-half of the parenting duo for our four children. Yes, part of the team that has helped mold their minds from the book loving to loving gadgets. Yikes! Some Ways To … ...
Dancing With Each Other's Shadow (Part II) This blog applies the concept of the shadow to a couple who would frequently get into conflicts.
Can You See Your Shadow? The personal shadow is the dark side of one's self-consciousness system. It is often easier to see in others than in ourselves.
Can Women Fight Addiction with Birth Control? A new study suggests hormones can make women more susceptible to addiction, so could the birth control pill help with recovery? Hormonal fluctuations can wreak havoc on a woman’s body. From PMS to menopause, the ups and downs can trigger weight gain, depression, and exhaustion, … ...