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Self-Love: 5 Keys Healthy self-love is the balance between grandiosity (inflated self-love) and low self-esteem (a lack of self-love.) The following are key strategies that are critical in practicing self-love:  1) Consciously choose to be your own best friend. Replace your inner critic with a positive and gentle voice that compassionately coaches you through...
A tiny molecule may help battle depression Levels of a small molecule found only in humans and in other primates are lower in the brains of depressed individuals, according to researchers at McGill University and the Douglas Institute. This discovery may hold a key to improving treatment options for those who suffer from depression. Depression is a common cause of disability, and [...]
Cooperation is learned through practice, according to a mathematical model When we must choose between cooperating with others or betraying them, we are more likely to cooperate if they have acted like this with us or if we ourselves have behaved altruistically. We do so because learning reinforces what has gone well for us and not because we imitate successful people. These are the conclusions [...]
Sex and ethics in the playground: ‘She’s not a slag because she only had sex once’ Young people are creating their own rules for what’s right and wrong when it comes to sex, a new study reveals. In the past, public panic about young people’s sexualisation has drowned out the voices of the people involved. But new research by Dr. Sarah Winkler Reid asked young people directly what they think about [...]
Occupation and song affect sound engineers’ listening environment preferences New results from Aalto University, Finland, tell which kind of studio control rooms mixing and mastering engineers like. A study of preferred listening environments among sound engineers illustrates the universal principle that “one size does not fit everyone.” By using the measured impulse responses of nine studio control rooms that were then encoded using the [...]
Sensations from eating ice cream can be visualized using a computer Changes in coldness, creaminess or texture that we experience in the mouth while we are eating an ice cream can be visualised on a screen using coloured curves. Graphs help manufacturers improve product quality, as proven by researchers at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology in Valencia.In the last five years a technique known [...]
Journalists exacerbating the increasing levels of doubt over climate change science New research by Adriana Bailey and colleagues from the University of Colorado, Boulder, examines the concentration of words that suggest scientific uncertainty about climate change in two agenda-setting US newspapers, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, compared with the Spanish national dailies El País and El Mundo. Their detailed linguistic analysis identified words or expressions suggesting any room for [...]
Why People Should Reconsider Having Sex Why people have sex doesn’t seem like a mystery, but a study at the University of Texas asked that very question. We might assume that “it feels good” or “I wanted to show my love” or “I wanted to get pregnant” were among the top contenders of maybe five or...
25 Affirmations to Align Yourself with the Greater Good 1) I understand that my issues are HOW I am, not WHO I am. 2) I am the whole, unique spirit of light and love that shines from deep within. 3) I accept all choices I’ve made as the best decisions I could make with the knowledge and information I...
Born this way: Stories of young transgender children Many children are grappling with the very grown- up issue of gender identity.
Schadenfreude in Sports: What’s the Deal With #Lebroning? Since his famous “The Decision,” in which Lebron James publicly announced his decision to leave Cleveland and “take his talents to South Beach,” it seems that basketball fans across the country have turned against him. After losing in the finals in his first season with the Miami Heat, the sports...
Being Attractive Is Attractive Enough. It is not necessary to be the most attractive person around. Feeling competitive is not justified by the facts of attractiveness and the elements that go into being attractive.
How to Trust People Again Hypervigilance is one of the hallmark symptoms of trauma. It can look many different ways: military veterans who dive for cover when a car backfires, people who startle easily and always feel on edge, or folks who go into panic mode when experiencing certain triggers. I think it’s the same...
Introducing Sports on the Couch Have you ever watched a great game, then tuned into a sports talk radio the next day to hear all the analysis of the game? Many people have, and it’s great fun listening to commentators and experts talk about their perspective on the game. That perspective is often limited to...
I shouldn't have eaten there: Rats show behavior of 'regret' in choosing the wrong 'restaurant' New research reveals that rats show signs of 'regret' -- a cognitive behavior once thought to be uniquely and fundamentally human. To measure the cognitive behavior of regret, scientists developed a task that asked rats how long they were willing to wait for certain foods. In this task, the rats are presented with a series of food options but have limited time at each 'restaurant.'
Tiny molecule may help battle depression Levels of a small molecule found only in humans and in other primates are lower in the brains of depressed individuals, according to researchers. This discovery may hold a key to improving treatment options for those who suffer from depression. The discovery may provide "a potential target for the development of new and more effective antidepressant treatments," one researcher notes.
Discovery of new genes involved in food preferences will revolutionize diets and improve health New understanding of the genes involved in taste perception and food preferences can  lead to personalised nutrition plans effective not just in weight loss but in avoiding  diseases such as cancer, depression, and hypertension. The ability to devise diets based on individual genetic profiles can lead to significantly better results – for example, a weight [...]
Study shows increasing rates of premature death and violent crime in people with schizophrenia since 1970s New research, published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal, shows that rates of adverse outcomes, including premature death and violent crime, in people with schizophrenia are increasing, compared to the general population. The results come from a unique study, led by Dr Seena Fazel, at Oxford University, UK, which analyses long-term adverse outcomes – including conviction for a [...]
Crows’ memories are made of this Tübingen researchers discover neurons allowing crows to remember short-term – although their brains are different from ours An important prerequisite for intelligence is a good short-term memory which can store and process the information needed for ongoing processes. This “working memory” is a kind of mental notepad – without it, we could not follow a [...]
Severe intellectual disability diagnosed by analysis of entire genome With a new technique, which at once studies the whole genome, a genetic cause can be identified in six out of ten children with severe intellectual disability. This makes the method more successful than all the usual methods together. Moreover, almost all mental impairments are caused by new mutations that have not yet occurred in [...]