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‘It’s Your Game … Keep It Real’ program reduces dating violence among minority youth New research from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) shows that It’s Your Game…Keep it Real (IYG), a health education program designed to delay sexual behavior and promote healthy dating relationships, can significantly reduce dating violence behaviors among minority youth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 10 percent [...]The post ‘It’s Your Game … Keep It Real’ program reduces dating violence among minority youth appeared first on PsyPost.
Active shooter training increases comfort level of emergency responders Emergency Medical Service (EMS) responders felt better prepared to respond to an active shooter incident after receiving focused tactical training according to a new study in the journal Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. This is the first study to specifically examine the EMS provider comfort level with respect to entering a scene where a shooter has not [...]The post Active shooter training increases comfort level of emergency responders appeared first on PsyPost.
Research Suggests Holistic Exercise Can Help Dementia Patients Do you know someone who suffers from dementia? Witnessing a loved one slowly lose their memory and reasoning skills can be a very painful experience. Dementia is a persistent syndrome that tends to get worse over time — affecting memory, thinking, and behavior. It is distinct from Alzheimer’s in that...
How To Be Tactful Tact takes work, but not just the work of strategic politeness, a deeper work in which one embraces the follies of humankind by compassionate introspection. Here are the three elements of that deeper work.
Memories of ‘hands on’ sex therapy There’s an amusing passage in Andrew Solomon’s book Far From the Tree where he recounts his own experience of a curious attempt at surrogate partner therapy – a type of sex therapy where a ‘stand in’ partner engages with sexual activity with the client to help overcome sexual difficulties. In Solomon’s case, he was a […]
5 Traits of a Healthy Relationship We are all familiar with the strain we feel when we have a friend, family member or a spouse who is particularly demanding. When relationships are not cultivated in a healthy manner, they can leave us feeling physically drained and stressed. Emotionally, an unhealthy relationship can also lead to feelings of bitterness, anger and unforgiveness. […]
DARPA taps Lawrence Livermore to develop world's first neural device to restore memory The Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) up to $2.5 million to develop an implantable neural device with the ability to record and stimulate neurons within the brain to help restore memory, DARPA officials announced this week.
Narcissism, Porn Use, and Addiction Proof that Porn Users are Narcissistic Any clinician who treats sex and porn addicts on a regular basis can tell you that our clients, both male and female, tend to be highly narcissistic – a quality that often makes for a tempestuous therapist-client relationship. Simply put, evidence from the field...
Chimpanzee intelligence has a genetic basis By Andrew Katsis, The Conversation Not all chimpanzees are created equal. Not only are some more intelligent than others, but about half of this variation is genetically inherited, according to research published today in Current Biology. Professor William Hopkins and colleagues from Georgia State University and Yerkes National Primate Research Center tested chimpanzees using 13 [...]The post Chimpanzee intelligence has a genetic basis appeared first on PsyPost.
Can an App Save Your Marriage? There are apps for everything these days. There is an app that makes fake working noises so you can secretly nap. There’s an app to translate your baby’s cries. One app wants you to pay $.99 to have a staring contest with a poorly drawn cartoon monkey. Apps can help you...
Exploring Our Beauty And Body Beliefs {quote from Daily Joy} Last week I shared 20 questions for connecting to ourselves and our needs. It’s also helpful to explore questions around beauty, worthiness and enoughness. Because it’s our beliefs about what is beautiful and what is enough that influence — negatively or positively — how we think...
Trying to Help: Enabling Failure Telling people what they have got to do is typical of those who are trying to help. This only perpetuates their dependency on others to solve their problems. And it doesn’t help. It prescribes a goal, but doesn’t tell people how to remove the obstacles that keep them from achieving...
Evidence of HIV found in a child said to be cured New report is a serious setback to hopes for a cure for AIDS.
Math nerd or bookworm? The same genes may shape both abilities. A study of twins shows why being a good reader and a good math student may go hand in hand.
When you fall in love with your therapist Telling your therapist about your affection for him or her may feel awkward, but you should be able to say anything in therapy.
Vets fight to overcome PTSD The increasing number of those in the military suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder is raising concern.
The World’s Most Eye-Opening Psychiatrist Appointment Finally, after more than a year, I got to see a psychiatrist yesterday. Forgive my negativity, but…I was not expecting much, and the good doctor did not disappoint. He did not exactly come highly recommended. He just happened to be taking new patients. I was greeted with a half-hearted handshake,...
Understanding consciousness: Researchers advocate for more scientific research on consciousness Why does a relentless stream of subjective experiences normally fill your mind? Maybe that's just one of those mysteries that will always elude us. Yet, new research suggests that consciousness lies well within the realm of scientific inquiry -- as impossible as that may currently seem. Although scientists have yet to agree on an objective measure to index consciousness, progress has been made with this agenda in several labs around the world.
Sleep disturbances, common in Parkinson's disease, can be early indicator of disease onset Up to 70% of Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients experience sleep problems that negatively impact their quality of life. Some patients have disturbed sleep/wake patterns such as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, while other patients may be subject to sudden and involuntary daytime sleep “attacks.” A new article discusses the underlying causes of sleep problems in PD, as well as medications, disease pathology, and comorbidities, and describes the most appropriate diagnostic tools and treatment options.
Chimp intelligence 'runs in families,' environment less important A chimpanzee’s intelligence is largely determined by its genes, while environmental factors may be less important than scientists previously thought, according to a Georgia State University research study.