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Heart Rate Reactivity May Predict Impact of Childhood Adversity... It may be that resilience in the face of stress is an ability that’s partly in the head and partly in the heart. Actually, technically speaking, it’s probably all in the head, but the heart can still tell us interesting things about what’s going on in the head. That’s because...
Scientists improve people's creativity through electrical brain stimulation Scientists have found a way to improve creativity through brain stimulation, according to researchers.
Certain characteristics linked with ISIS anxiety A new study examines the characteristics of individuals who are most likely to have anxiety concerning threats posed by ISIS.
Stress Is Not Trauma If you experienced a stressful event, is that the same as a traumatic event? The distinction is important, and one's beliefs about it may depend on one's motivations.
Distinguishing Between Medical and Psychiatric Conditions: Q&A with Barbara... TCPR: So I’m interviewing a patient in the clinic; I have only 45 minutes to do a thorough psychiatric evaluation. I’m rushed; I don’t have enough time to really learn all I want to know. It would be great if there were a list of … ...
Your Bad Relationships Are Actually Great Sources of Wisdom... When a relationship ends, we often label it a “failed” or “bad” relationship. It didn’t last, after all. Maybe we never think about it, again. Ever again. Maybe we miss our ex from time to time. Maybe we recall the fights and bad memories. Maybe we blame … ...
Ideal Purposes of Schools: Readers Weigh In About 170 readers responded to my request to describe the ideal purposes of schools. Their responses, taken all together, produce a vision that is worthy of serious consideration.
Ideal Purposes of Schools: Readers Weigh In About 170 readers responded to my request to describe the ideal purposes of schools. Their responses, taken all together, produce a vision that is worthy of serious consideration.
Managers Are Not Good at Coaching and Developing Their People In their book, 100 Things You Need to Know: Best People Practices for Managers & HR (2004), Eichinger, Lombardo, and Ulrich — three internationally-recognized experts in human capital management — shared that, in general, managers are “very poor at coaching and developing their people” (p. 470). This may come as a shock to some, but … Continue reading Managers Are Not Good at Coaching and Developing Their People →
Even moderate drinking linked to a decline in brain health, finds study Alcohol consumption, even at moderate levels, is associated with increased risk of adverse brain outcomes and steeper decline in cognitive (mental) skills, finds a new study.
Culture affects how people deceive others, study shows People's language changes when they lie depending on their cultural background, psychologists have discovered. Linguistic cues to deception do not appear consistently across all cultures. The differences are dictated by known cultural differences in cognition and social norms. This has implications for everything from forensic risk assessments, discrimination proceedings and the evaluation of asylum seekers.
How Multitasking Is Changing Our Brains and Personalities Are we devolving?
Study: Liberals and conservatives will forgo money to safeguard their ideological bubble It appears that narrow-mindedness is a bipartisan trait. New research has found that both liberals and conservatives are equally motivated to avoid exposure to one another’s opinions. The study appears in the peer-reviewed Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. “Most people don’t know and don’t want to know what the ‘other side’ has to say,” said [...]
Pilot study finds gamers have lower levels of premature ejaculation Italian scientists have found a link between gaming and lower levels of premature ejaculation. The preliminary study, published online June 1 in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, examined the relationship between playing video games and sexual health in adult men. “I am interested in this topic as I’ve always been a gamer,” explained the study’s [...]
An Eye For a Wandering Eye: Avoiding Promiscuous Partners Does your partner enjoy meeting new people? Does he or she work the room at business events? Interaction dynamics reveal whether your partner is pursuing business or pleasure.
Why do I Always feel Confused and Responsible in...   I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is he a narcissist?  He’s not really verbally abusive. He never yells at me, or anyone for that matter. Perhaps I’m imagining things. He would give me the shirt off my back if I ever needed … ...
Possible Cures for Narcissistic Personalities and Behaviors... Recently there was a rare request from an honest reader who felt they have narcissistic tendencies but couldn’t find any guidelines on how to reduce these habits. I commend this reader for being aware enough to realize this and also for taking steps to ask … ...
The Personality Trait That Decreases Suicide Risk It is also a generally protective factor against health problems. • Try one of PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do (NEW) The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
Study could help explain link between seizures and psychiatric disorders Scientists have identified different types of neurons in a brain region called the reticular thalamus. A better understanding of these cells could eventually help explain how both seizures and certain psychiatric disorders can occur at the same time.
A star is born: Lesser-known brain cell takes center stage A new method efficiently grows human astrocytes in a dish, advancing studies of stroke, Alzheimer's and depression.