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How to Quickly Reduce Anxiety Created By Threatening Situations A quick way to reduce the brain's automatic response to threat. Dr Jeremy Dean is a psychologist and author of PsyBlog. His latest book is "Making Habits, Breaking Habits: How to Make Changes That Stick" Related articles:Social Anxiety Disorder: Impressive Study Reveals The Very Best Treatment Magic Mushrooms: How They Affect the Brain’s Emotion Centres Neuroscience Reveals The Deep Power of Human Empathy Revealed: Long-Suspected Danger of Anti-Anxiety and Sleeping Drugs How Long-Term Stress Causes Serious Mental Disorders
Smiling at Fear Sippanont Samchai via Compfight  A while back, Linda and I attended a weekend retreat led by Pema Chodron, a long-time practitioner of Buddhist meditation and the principal teacher at the Buddhist center, Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia. The retreat was based upon the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a Tibetan...
Celebrity Psychings is on Hiatus Celebrity Psychings in on hiatus until 2015. You may want to check out our other celebrity- and Hollywood-focused blog, Hollywood Therapy with David Silverman. If you’d like to be considered as a blogger for this paid blogging position, please send us your resume and examples of prior blogging work to:...
Are All Parents Narcissistic? With the focus on producing narcissistic children in today’s media, it may seem less obvious to consider the possibility that narcissism works both ways. Being slightly narcissistic may, by definition, be a job hazard of parenthood.
Psychology Around the Net: November 8, 2014 This week’s Psychology Around the Net features information about the psychology of storytelling, how we recognize foreign accents, using technology to treat pet anxiety, and more! Dig in! The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling: Stories help us feel like we have control over chaos and give meaning to our lives. WATCH:...
The Neuroscience of Free Will and the Illusion of “You” Neuroscientific discoveries from the past 20 years call into question our intuitive view of free will. Hard determinism, which rejects fee will and dualism, could inform our understanding of the true nature of the self.
Autism advocates hope Jerry Seinfeld's words help fight stigma Comedian's revelation sends a positive message that the autism community is much larger and more diverse than people often understand.
Children exposed to high levels of pollution five times more likely to have ADHD Study could help solve the mystery of what causes ADHD which could lead to ways to prevent it.
Gay marriage bans in four states upheld by federal appeals court The ruling creates a split among the nation's circuit courts and virtually guarantees Supreme Court review.
Why being a workaholic is awful for you and everyone around you Workaholics display many of the same characteristics as those addicted to drugs or alcohol, such as compulsively engaging in behavior that is ultimately destructive.
Everyone Deserves a Talking Mirror Last week’s cartoon is about trust, survival, and kindness from strangers. All rights reserved, and content including cartoons is ©Donna Barstow 2014.  My main cartoon site is Donna Barstow Cartoons. And  you can Like me  on Facebook to get notified of new cartoons as I post them. I have just...
Research shows easy-to-walk communities can blunt cognitive decline New study results from the University of Kansas to be presented this weekend at the Gerontological Society of America’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., bolster the adage that “heart healthy is brain healthy.” The investigation shows neighborhoods that motivate walking can stave off cognitive decline in older adults. “People can walk either to get somewhere [...]The post Research shows easy-to-walk communities can blunt cognitive decline appeared first on PsyPost.
Everything you wanted to know about sexting, but were afraid to ask Stories of teens taking and sending a naked picture of themselves with their phones have been all over the news media in recent years. The outcome? Shocking, according to reports which have suggested that humiliation and sometimes even suicide can follow. But what is the reality? Sexting is often seen as a dicey electronic version [...]The post Everything you wanted to know about sexting, but were afraid to ask appeared first on PsyPost.
Sleep starts later as teens age, but school still starts early A newly published study used activity monitors to track how sleep habits changed in younger and older teens as they grew during a two-year period. Key findings, for instance that the children fell asleep later as they matured and resisted sleep longer after the nightly onset of hormonal sleep signals, lend new support to recent [...]The post Sleep starts later as teens age, but school still starts early appeared first on PsyPost.
Genes contribute to behavior differences between fierce and friendly rats After many generations, rats bred for their bad attitude behave differently from those selected for a calm demeanor around humans. Research published November 7 in the journal GENETICS identifies gene regions that contribute to differences between nasty and nice rats in their behavior and the activity of genes in the brain. These results may provide [...]The post Genes contribute to behavior differences between fierce and friendly rats appeared first on PsyPost.
Brain’s response to threat silenced when we are reminded of being loved and cared for Being shown pictures of others being loved and cared for reduces the brain’s response to threat, new research from the University of Exeter has found. The study discovered that when individuals are briefly presented pictures of others receiving emotional support and affection, the brain’s threat monitor, the amygdala, subsequently does not respond to images showing [...]The post Brain’s response to threat silenced when we are reminded of being loved and cared for appeared first on PsyPost.
Liberals are more emotion-driven than conservatives: study Emotions are powerful motivators of human behavior and attitudes. Emotions also play an important role in guiding policy support in conflict and other political contexts. Researchers at Tel Aviv University and the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya have studied the interaction between emotion and political ideology, showing that the motivating power of emotions is not the [...]The post Liberals are more emotion-driven than conservatives: study appeared first on PsyPost.
Five Things You Should Not Do After A Heartbreak Getting through any setback is tough. Yet sometimes the most challenging kind are the ones that involve the heart. After a breakup, we’re likely to struggle with feeling rejected, unloved, not good enough, and, just simply, not wanted. And while recovering from heartbreak isn’t supposed to be easy, we can...
A Potential Way to Get an Extra Hour in Your Day For Better Than Before, when I talk to people about the habits they want to change, they often mention that they lack the time for a new habit. To clear time to schedule a new morning habit, many people try waking up a bit earlier, but this can be tough for people who...
10 Letting Go Quotes From Those Before You Sad things happen in life and learning to let go is essential for our well-being. This collection of quotes from those who have been there before you will hopefully help you cope with pain and move on faster.