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Study rebuts the gaze aversion hypothesis in autism Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) do not avoid eye contact any more than typically developing children, according to a study recently published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. One of the earliest emerging symptoms of ASD is reduced attention to other people’s eyes. There are two key explanations of why children with ASD maintain [...]
Study finds rituals can improve children’s ability to delay gratification A cross-cultural study published in the journal Child Development has found that ritualistic behavior can improve children’s ability to delay gratification. The 3-month-long study of 210 schoolchildren from Slovakia and Vanuatu found that special social games designed to improve children’s executive function and their ability to delay gratification were more effective when they were presented as [...]
Science News: Believe It or Not? A new study demonstrates that media reports often miss the real news.
Which kids will take longer to recover from brain injury? A new biomarker may help predict which children will take longer to recover from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to a preliminary study.
Treating childhood traumatic brain injury early to avoid lifelong cognitive deficits Children with delayed visual perception as a result of serious head injuries may end up with structural changes in their brains that interrupt normal development, a new Keck School of Medicine of USC study shows. The USC scientists said the finding is the first step to creating targeted treatments for a subpopulation of children with [...]
The way the brain processes speech could serve as a predictor of early dementia Early dementia is typically associated with memory and thinking problems; but older adults should also be vigilant about hearing and communication problems, suggest recent findings in a joint Baycrest-University of Memphis study. Within older adults who scored below the normal benchmark on a dementia screening test, but have no noticeable communication problems, scientists have discovered [...]
Refugees with PTSD regulate stress differently New Michigan State University research has found that refugees diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder regulate stress differently than those who don’t have the disorder, but may have experienced similar suffering. PTSD is a mental health disorder that makes a person re-experience a traumatic event. “What we discovered was that a gene associated with a person’s [...]
Why CEOs of failing companies jump ship or don’t It’s a common scenario in the corporate world. A company begins to fail, and before long the CEO is out the door. Sometimes the person is asked to go, but other times it’s a voluntary move — a decision that may be driven largely by the executive’s so-called “social capital,” according to a new study [...]
Imagining dialogue can boost critical thinking, study finds Examining an issue as a debate or dialogue between two sides helps people apply deeper, more sophisticated reasoning, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. “Envisioning opposing views leads to a more comprehensive examination of the issue,” says psychology researcher Julia Zavala (Teachers College, Columbia University), [...]
Brain-aging gene discovered: Genetic variant accelerates brain aging in older people by up to 12 years Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers have discovered a common genetic variant that greatly impacts normal brain aging, starting at around age 65, and may modify the risk for neurodegenerative diseases. The findings could point toward a novel biomarker for the evaluation of anti-aging interventions and highlight potential new targets for the prevention or treatment [...]
Stress of major life events impacts women more than men, shows poll of 2,000 people New research has highlighted the potential gender gap in stress, with women reporting higher stress from life events such as death of a loved one, illness, losing their smartphone and Brexit. The study, based on YouGov research commissioned by The Physiological Society, asked over 2000 people to rate how stressful they found key life events [...]
The genes and neural circuits behind autism’s impaired sociability Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) have gained new insight into the genetic and neuronal circuit mechanisms that may contribute to impaired sociability in some forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Led by Matthew P. Anderson, MD, PhD, Director of Neuropathology at BIDMC, the scientists determined how a gene linked to one common form [...]
Addicted to Hate Can our souls survive the current political landscape?
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neurotransmitter fashion A graph of scientific articles published per year which mention four major neurotransmitters in their title: What I take from this is Dopamine is king! And with great popularity, comes great misrepresentation. What happened to glutamate research in the mid 1990s? The recent hype about oxytocin doesn’t seem to be driven by a spike in … Continue reading "neurotransmitter fashion"
Problematic social media use linked to brain imbalance The impulsive act of checking Facebook while driving, in a work meeting, or at other times that could lead to negative consequences has been linked to a deficiency in the balance between two systems in the brain, find researchers.
The genes, neural circuits behind autism's impaired sociability New insight has been gained into the genetic and neuronal circuit mechanisms that may contribute to impaired sociability in some forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
My Anniversary of Going Public with My Diagnosis Today is the two year anniversary of my coming out with my diagnosis of schizophrenia. I kept the details of my mental illness secret, along with my husband, for almost … ...
Cooking With ADHD I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m someone who likes cooking. I do enjoy eating, though, and if you have one, it’s good to have the other. Cooking is essentially an exercise … ...
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