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Dendritic Golgi as key cause of degenerative brain disease Researchers have identified the early neuropathic mechanism of degenerative brain diseases and suggested ways to restore early neuropathy. It is expected to be used in the development of therapeutic agents for early neuropathy of degenerative brain diseases.
Who Will Use Open Data? Who is open science for, and why should you care?
Podcast: Why Do We Procrastinate? In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales finally tackle a topic they’d been putting off: procrastination. Pretty much everyone puts off doing distasteful tasks, but procrastination can cause a multitude of problems for us, including harming our health. … ...
Why Are Some Children Picky Eaters? New research suggests that children who are inhibited are less likely to try new foods.
How Children’s Brains Learn to Reason Reasoning is a profoundly important cognitive skill that affects achievement in school and in challenging careers. Now we know more about how it develops in children's brains.
Forever Losing Things? Does that Mean You’re Losing Your... Are you one of those people who would like to be able to lose weight as easily as you lose everything else in your life?  Do you sometimes think you might be an absent-minded professor even though you’ve not stepped foot on a college campus … ...
MRI Scans are Transforming Autism Detection and Treatment What are the benefits of earlier autism detection? It can allow the most appropriate treatment to be delivered at a time when a child could benefit the most.
This Psychological Epidemic Is Killing Millions Worldwide One-third of people over 45 have this chronic psychological problem -- as do many who are younger. • Try one of PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do (NEW) The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
First circuit map of brain's learning and memory center A significant development in understanding the brain: Scientists have, for the first time ever described the mushroom body connectome within the brain of fly larvae (Drosophila melanogaster) -- the circuit diagram of nerve cells.
Effects of increased inflammatory markers during pregnancy Researchers have shown that increased levels of inflammatory markers during pregnancy can lead to changes in fetal brain development.
5 Things to Teach Your Child to Avoid Impulsivity... Parenting a child with impulsivity and behavioral issues is one tough task, and in some cases when parents visit me and ask for help, they believe it is impossible to teach their kid to avoid these behaviors. Well, in this article I will be walking … ...
The Hazards of Self-Criticism Bashing the Self is Bad for Your Health.
Free Live Webinar: Sustaining Positive Brain Change Most of the moments of life our brain is making decisions for us based on implicit monitoring of internal and external cues. In this talk you’ll learn some of the science about how our environments we live in play a crucial role in healthy brain … ...
One step closer in explaining MS relapse during upper respiratory infection For most of us, the flu is just the flu. We suffer through it for several days, and eventually bounce back. But for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological diseases, the flu can trigger a cascade of immune responses that result in a full-blown relapse of the disease. In a recent study, researchers shed light on what may be happening in the brains of MS patients during upper respiratory infections. 
Antidepressant use increases risk of head injuries among persons with Alzheimer's disease Antidepressant use is associated with an increased risk of head injuries and traumatic brain injuries among persons with Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study. Antidepressant use has previously been linked with an increased risk of falls and hip fractures, but the risk of head injuries has not been studied before.
On Seeking Counseling Before You Need To Many clients I see here in private practice in the Midwestern area of Illinois are often very stressed. They come in appearing very calm and as soon as I get to the point on my questionnaire about what brings them their they tell me, often … ...
Deep Listening in Personal Relationships Are you trying to get to a deeper level with your personal relationships? Do you want to know how to become a better listener?
13 Societal Trends Awareness of societal trends helps us make sense of our fast-changing world.
Your brain can form new memories while you are asleep A sleeping brain can form fresh memories, according to a team of neuroscientists.
Studies find the need to feel unique is linked to belief in conspiracy theories The belief in conspiracy theories could be motivated in part by the desire to stand out. Two separate teams of researchers in Europe have independently found evidence that the desire to feel unique is linked to the belief in conspiracies. “An intriguing feature in the rhetoric of people who believe in conspiracy theories is that [...]