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Womb for One The single-chambered womb of women is rare among mammals, which mostly have two separate womb chambers. Through developmental accident, a double womb occasionally recurs in women, but surprisingly does not stand in the way of successful pregnancy. Reduction from two chambers to one in evolutionary has some connection with single births, but there are twists in the story.
How NOT to Raise a Narcissist Narcissism is more than believing “I’m great!”; it’s believing “I’m better and more important than you!” Here's how NOT to raise a narcissistic child.
The Importance of Disconnecting The uniqueness of personality is often obscured by the clamor of society, a carnival of distractions.
Excessive Parental Praise Could Be Turning Our Kids Into Narcissists A longstanding theory in psychoanalytic theory contends that cold and unloving parents contribute to the rise of narcissistic tendencies in their children. A new study is now throwing this idea on its head by suggesting too much praise is the problem....
The Second Myth about Positive Emotions By unraveling myths, we will make substantial inroads into emotional problems and emotional well-being. In my first post, I described the first myth about positive emotion regulation. In this second post of the series, I describe the second myth.
How Much Should You Reveal About Your Addiction Recovery? When my colleague Patricia Meyers got clean in 1997 after years of alcohol and drug use, she wanted to tell the whole world. Her father, however, urged silence. “I remember on a trip when I was in early recovery, he said, ‘You need to know if something happens, if something...
10 Ways to Spot the Everyday Sadist When we think of sadism, it’s often the “50 Shades of Grey” variety. However, sadism doesn’t just live in the bedroom. This 10-item quiz will help you find out who secretly harbors an unnatural desire to harm.
You're Turning Your Kids Into Narcissists A new study shows that when parents treat their kids as exceptional people who deserve special treatment, the kids develop into more narcissistic people
The science of protecting people’s feelings: why we pretend all opinions are equal Researchers uncover the value, and sometimes high cost, of being social animals.
What it's like to be a woman with HIV The disease is more manageable than ever, but for women in particular, there's more progress to be made.
Smartphone Addiction: How It May Affect Your Thinking Skills How smartphone addiction could be affecting some people's ability to think. » Continue reading: Smartphone Addiction: How It May Affect Your Thinking Skills » Read, the new site from PsyBlog's author Related articles:Using a Smartphone For One Day Has Transformative Impact On The Brain, Study Finds Early Fitness Preserves Thinking Skills 25 Years Later The Curious Effect of Depression on Intuitive Thinking Skills People Choose Electric Shocks Over Sitting Quietly for 15 Minutes and Thinking Five Effortless Postures that Foster Creative Thinking
When One of You Retires First Married and approaching retirement age? It’s likely you’ve both planned carefully for your finances during this time — but can you say the same for your relationship? The emotional and psychological adjustments that come with retirement are significant, and one major determinant factor is timing. Will you retire together, or...
Personality Disorders Explained 3: Treatment Where most therapies capitalize on the alliance with the one part of the patient that agrees with the psychological formulation, therapists treating personality disorders are on their own.
Every Day, I Wake Up and Prepare to Live For a decade and a half, I struggled mightily every day against an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and self-hatred. To this day, I am still not 100% certain what it was that kept me from offing myself, let alone waking up again and again into another day of certain hell....
The Lesser Known Savants On Friday, September 13, 2002, Jason Padgett was attacked by two men as he was leaving a karaoke bar. He was struck twice on the back of the head and lost consciousness for a few moments. Afterwards he developed remarkable abilities. Jason's story is unique. But there are other less known cases of people who develop extraordinar abilities following brain injury or disease.
#141 To Thine Own Self Be True Bryan Costin via Compfight Polonius says this wonderful quote to his son Laertes as he takes his leave from his father: This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Hamlet Act...
Best of Our Blogs: March 10, 2015 The negativity you receive from external sources (e.g. the news, words from a toxic relative, or fight with your kids) is often shocking, hurtful and upsetting. But I’m betting that it’s nothing compared to the greatest voice of negativity in your life. It’s the one that tells you you’ll never be happy, or smart, successful,...
Sexism, Bias, Disadvantage, Science, and Integrity A frank discussion about the existence of sexism and other biases distorting social psychology and STEM fields.
Self-Blindness Harms Relationships Being blind to how you act in a relationship, you may not be able to measure whether a relationship is going well or not.
How Much Is Too Much to Share on Social Media? We often talk about the problem of “oversharing” on social media. But what’s the difference between sharing and oversharing? Where do we draw the line, and how does what we share on social media affect how other people see us? Here are 5 research-backed tips about what we should, and shouldn't, be sharing on Facebook.