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Overcoming addiction with an app: Online brainwashing with a positive aim Can a game installed on your smartphone help you to overcome an addiction? Soon this will be a possibility. Marloes Postel, a lecturer at the University of Twente, observed the need for easily accessible care for people with addictions. This has led to the development of an app version of an existing computer course used [...]The post Overcoming addiction with an app: Online brainwashing with a positive aim appeared first on PsyPost.
Teachers’ gender bias in math affects girls later New research has found some teachers mark boys’ primary (elementary) school maths tests more favourably than girls, impacting girls’ uptake of advanced mathematics and science subjects in high school. Entrance rates into maths and science degrees at university level can also be traced back to the impacts of teachers’ gender bias in primary school. Higher [...]The post Teachers’ gender bias in math affects girls later appeared first on PsyPost.
Warning on use of drug for children’s sleep Sleep researchers at the University of Adelaide are warning doctors and parents not to provide the drug melatonin to children to help control their sleep problems. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the body with the onset of darkness. It plays an important role in fine tuning people’s circadian rhythms, such as the timing of [...]The post Warning on use of drug for children’s sleep appeared first on PsyPost.
The Top 9 Reasons I Hate Anxiety Here are the top 9 reasons I hate anxiety--and you should too!
“Trauma-responsive” means “Inclusive” Today I had another saddening conversation with someone who was convinced that “only abuse, neglect, and  maltreatment” are trauma–nothing else. I am saddened because that leaves so many of us out. And I  know my stuff was showing (for those who remember, it’s kind of like “having your slip show”) when I spoke with a...
3-Step Plan for Your ‘Why Me?’ Moments With a single sentence, life can knock you down. Here’s how to get back up and keep swinging… Have you ever noticed how a single sentence can feel as if a bomb exploded and life as you know it is irrevocably transformed? A single sentence like: “It’s cancer.” “You’re fired.”...
Treatment for Borderline Disorder May Reduce Distortions My teenage sister was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. We have a difficult relationship, and sometimes I feel like interacting with her is just not worth the trouble. For example, I have caught her lying on too many occasions to count, and she always makes excuses. Now, she blames it on her psychological problems. Can lying be treated?
Could You Be Addicted to Your Cell Phone? Could you go 24 hours without your cell phone? Many people can't!
Finding "The One" Is Overrated: Emotionships Matter More New research shows the power of having different people in your life who are good at helping you with different kinds of emotions. People with a diverse portfolio of "emotionships" are more satisfied with their lives. People who put all their emotional eggs into one relationship basket get celebrated by all the sappy love songs but they are not necessarily better off.
Evaluating a Counselor or Psychotherapist Evaluation may be the most valuable skill we're not taught. I attempt to here.
Evaluating a Counselor, Coach, or Psychotherapist Evaluation may be the most valuable skill we're not taught. I attempt to do so in this article.
Why You Should be More Grateful Despite its many benefits, gratitude is hard to cultivate.
Child mental health wait increases 'are horrifying' The number of Scottish children waiting to be treated by mental health services has increased 10-fold in a year.
Medicating women’s feelings Emotion should be seen as a sign of health, not disease.
Suicide in fast rise among some Americans Researchers note that the increase is similar to that of the worst years of the Great Recession.
Teach Kids About Anger Control With a Thermometer Younger kids don't always have the vocabulary to express their feelings. That's why a temper-tantrum is the preferred communication of upset children. Using a thermometer might provide them an alternative....
Are humans getting cleverer? Research shows that education is training people to think better.
Meaning is Where the Action Is Whether a therapist’s expression of emotional understanding will produce therapeutic or counter-therapeutic effects will depend on the emotional meanings that such expressions have for the patient.
Take, Take, Take and Never Give Mike was grumbling about his daughter Crystal. “She told me she was in ‘desperate need’ of a state-of-the-art computer only six months after she ‘needed’ a ‘loan’ because the lease on her Lexus had expired. Crystal wasn’t even apologetic when she asked me to foot the bill. She just rattled...
Mr Spock : The Needs Of The Many Outweigh Chato Stewart: (day dreaming) Mr. Spock: Remember Caption: Live long and Prosper “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” This above-title, to me, is to me one of the most iconic line in the all of Star Trek’s history!  Aside from the #LLAP “Live long and Prosper”...