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New Study on Porn and Erectile Dysfunction is a I chose the metaphor of fake fruit to describe the recent article by Prause and Pfaus entitled Viewing Sexual Stimuli Associated with Greater Sexual Responsiveness, Not Erectile Dysfunction. I did this not because of any phallic symbolism with bananas but because the authors present fake conclusions. Published in the online...
13 Ways to Be Friendship Smart How does your Friendship Quotient measure up? Here are 13 key personal traits that strongly influence friendship quality.
10 Simple Ways to Feel Calmer Right Now Maybe you’re having a rough day at work. You’re clashing with a colleague. You just got out of a pointless meeting. Or maybe you squabbled with your spouse or best friend. Maybe you’re exhausted or nervous about an upcoming presentation or exam. Whatever the situation or stressor today, you could...
Close The Compassion Gap to Boost Resilience in Kids “It’s thin,” she said with a barely perceptible crack in her voice. I was on the phone with Jilly, my best friend from high school. Her voice always cracked a bit right before she was going to cry. We’d both been anxiously awaiting responses to the college applications we’d sent...
Do You Feel Sexy on the Inside? Expanding the ways in which we feel “sexy” is good for everyone (yup, except maybe for the beauty industry that sells just one way).
Rethinking alcohol: Can heavy drinkers learn to cut back? Those who are in the habit of drinking more than one or two drinks a day, may be able to cut back or moderate their consumption and reduce their risk.
Weight loss doesn't always lead to happiness Research has shown that dropping pounds doesn't mean higher well-being.
Brain powers change as you age Certain areas of the brain never stop changing according to new research.
The Future Has Come and Gone: You Just Missed It So what's the big so what? The very institutions that have defined how we lead in our modern world are being abandoned or morphed into new forms. We need to run a wider array of experiments to learn what really works and doesn't in the undiscovered country.
Is Psychoanalysis Right for You? Psychoanalysis is not for everybody. I don’t mean this in a negative or exclusive kind of way but rather in an is-this-the-right-fit-for-me kind of way. There are many therapeutic approaches out there and there is no one size fits all when it comes to mental health. But let’s say you’ve wondered...
The Bourgeois Revolution Many of our most powerful fantasies and expectations about marriage and family life emerged two centuries ago.
Research into brain's ability to heal itself offers hope for novel treatment of traumatic brain injury Innovative angles of attack in research that focus on how the human brain protects and repairs itself will help develop treatments for one of the most common, costly, deadly and scientifically frustrating medical conditions worldwide: traumatic brain injury.
Why Creatives Succumb to Bedtime Procrastination No external boss means we must self-monitor sleep habits.
5 Things That You Didn’t Know Were Keeping You Fat We all hear so many contradictory messages about the most effective route to weight loss that it is easy to feel confused. Although fads will come and go, there is concrete science to guide our weight loss efforts. One of the most important things is to avoid common pitfalls.
Is There A Smartphone-Mental Illness Link In Kids? POLL What do you think? Are smartphones and constant internet exposure causing mental/emotional problems in kids?...
Psychology & Empowering Stress Tools Help Breast Cancer Outcomes When a person hears they’ve just been diagnosed with any kind of cancer, the last thing running through their mind is taking care of their emotional health. But your emotional and mental well-being is probably just as important a component of any other part of your treatment, it needs your...
Remembering 9/11 Exceptionally vivid memories we have concerning traumatic events have a way of staying with us long after other memories fade with time. Known as "flashbulb memories", they are a form of autobiographical memory that are especially powerful due to surprise and shock that ensures that the memory stays with us. But how accurate are these memories?
Mind Hacks excerpts x 2 This month, Business Insider have republished a couple of chapters from Mind Hacks the book (in case you missed it, back before the blog, Mind Hacks was a book, 101 do-it-at-home psychology experiences). The excerpts are: 1. Why one of these puzzles is easy and the other is hard – which is about the Wason […]
Depression Distorts People’s Perception of Time, Study Finds The curious effect of depression on time perception. » Continue reading: Depression Distorts People’s Perception of Time, Study Finds » Read, the new site from PsyBlog's author Related articles:A Strange Depression Symptom That Most People Don’t Know Long-Held Belief About Depression Challenged by New Study 5 Classic Signs of Depression Most People Don’t Recognise Signs of Depression: 10 Common Symptoms You Should Know Easily Distracted? Study Finds A Fabulous Real-World Advantage
Adolescent Excellence and Managing High Expectations When parents either support or encourage their teenager to have high personal performance expectations, they also need to provide guidance about how to manage their feelings when these outcomes are not met, as will sometimes occur.