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How is the brain relevant in mental disorder? The Psychologist has a fascinating article on how neuroscience fits in to our understanding of mental illness and what practical benefit brain science has – in lieu of the fact that it currently doesn’t really help us a great deal in the clinic. It is full of useful ways of thinking about how neuroscience fits […]
Why It’s Important to Have Hobbies In this world of constant stimulation it’s worth a moment to stop and do something that you enjoy. So many times we’re so overwhelmed with work and responsibilities that we hardly have time to eat, let alone do something we enjoy. I consider myself blessed because I enjoy writing and...
Carbon nanotube fibers make superior links to brain Carbon nanotube fibers may provide the best way to communicate directly with the brain. The research could enable new strategies for treating neurological disorders like Parkinson's, investigators say.
Why drug for type II diabetes makes people fat Medication used to treat patients with type II diabetes activates sensors on brain cells that increase hunger, causing people taking this drug to gain more body fat, according to researchers. The study describes a new way to affect hunger in the brain and helps to explain why people taking a class of drugs for type II diabetes gain more body fat.
Sex in the Head What is sexual desire? Is it raw, animal instinct? Or is it something more mindful?
The Case of Claire Underwood Two weeks ago, I used the character of Frank Underwood as a “case study” to illustrate the misunderstood psychiatric diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder, and many of you asked: Well, what about his wife, Claire?
Unnaturally Good: The Plight of the Goody Two-Shoes There’s authentic virtue, and then there’s a kind of chronic, not-quite-credible virtue that doesn’t—and can’t—reflect the individual’s true nature. Their righteous words and actions, though perceivable as virtuous, may not come from their heart but their head. And what they say may belie what they’re really thinking—may not, in essence, “capture” who they truly are.
Smart Strategies to Detect a Liar Online More than 20 million people visit online dating services every months. But there is a lot of creeps out there. Some online-daters put up photos from 20 years ago. Some lie about their age, their job situation, their marital status, or their personality traits. Given all this uncertainty, how do you best navigate through the jungle of online profiles?
Coffee Shop Culture: A Sense of Community Before “Born To Run” was played at a 1988 concert, Bruce Springsteen was candid with the crowd. He wrote “Born To Run” in his bedroom in Long Branch, New Jersey, when he was 24 years old. “The questions I asked myself in this song, it seems like I’ve been trying to...
Peter Singer Argues for "Effective Altruism" in His New Book Renowned philosopher Peter Singer's new book called "The Most Good You Can Do" is a very thoughtful discussion about charitable giving. Whether you agree or disagree with Professor Singer's arguments I guarantee they will make you think deeply about what you do with your money and if your donations really do the most good you can do. This book also left me hopeful.
Promising new biomarkers for concussion identified A panel of four readily detectable blood proteins can accurately indicate concussion, even helping distinguishing it from other injuries, according to a new study. Researchers found the panel by employing the unusual strategy of looking at the body's inflammatory response to trauma, which might also be a therapeutic target.
Prenatal exposure to common air pollutants linked to cognitive, behavioral impairment A powerful relationship between prenatal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) exposure and disturbances in parts of the brain that support information processing and behavioral control have been identified by researchers.
Prenatal exposure to common air pollution linked to cognitive, behavioral impairment A powerful relationship between prenatal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) exposure and disturbances in parts of the brain that support information processing and behavioral control have been identified by researchers. The study showed reductions in nearly the entire white matter surface of the brain's left hemisphere -- loss associated with slower processing of information during intelligence testing and more severe behavioral problems, including ADHD and aggression.
Changing Our Perspectives on Mental Illness and Mental Health Changing Our Perspectives on Mental Illness and Mental Health The First Lady recently spoke at the launch of The Campaign to Change Direction, “a nation-wide effort to raise awareness around mental health in America.” This effort, sponsored in part by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), is...
Nanorobotic agents open the blood-brain barrier, offering hope for new brain treatments Magnetic nanoparticles can open the blood-brain barrier and deliver molecules directly to the brain, say researchers. This barrier runs inside almost all vessels in the brain and protects it from elements circulating in the blood that may be toxic to the brain. The research is important as currently 98% of therapeutic molecules are also unable to cross the blood-brain barrier.
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Obama and Netanyahu in Family Therapy After the initial evaluation and assessment, the therapist identified three classic family dysfunctions that exist in the relationship between Barack and Bibi: enmeshment, triangulation, and emotional cut-offs.
Emboldened by Email: Walking the talk Is email good for relationships or not? Does it foster connectedness? Does it allow for the confessional moment which face to face contact inhibits? OR does email (as well as its cousin, texting) provide a constant distraction from being present with one another?
One Key to a Good Marriage For a good marriage, focus on being the right person.
Full Mind, Empty Mind Sitting by a small cave the other day and humming, I noticed that I doubled my humming effort with the help of the echo. And realized: “we have to empty ourselves so as to resonate (with What Is).” – We can be full of ourselves or we can be full...