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3 Mindful Ways To Increase Workout Intensity! Are you looking for a way to increase the intensity of your workouts? Do you want to have a more meaningful, substantive experience at the gym so that when you … ...
Scientists create artificial link between unrelated memories The ability to learn associations between events is critical for survival, but it has not been clear how different pieces of information stored in memory may be linked together by populations of neurons. In a new study synchronous activation of distinct neuronal ensembles caused mice to artificially associate the memory of a foot shock with the unrelated memory of exploring a safe environment.
With geomagnetic compass hooked to the brain, blind rats act like they can see By attaching a microstimulator and geomagnetic compass to the brains of blind rats, researchers have found that the animals can spontaneously learn to use new information about their location to navigate through a maze nearly as well as normally sighted rats. Researchers say the findings suggest that a similar kind of neuroprosthesis might also help blind people walk freely through the world.
The Scarcity Mindset Poverty at it very core taxes self-control capacity.
Can You Really Know Someone Better Than They Themselves Do? There may be no more disagreeable remark you can make than to tell someone: “I know you better than you know yourself.” Why? Simply because such a comment is almost always taken as a put-down. So whether or not your analysis is correct, they’re likely to be offended. Or they may feel embarrassed or humiliated by your so authoritatively “dissecting” them.
The Ghost in the Machine What makes you who you are?
Is It Safe to Fly? Suicide as Murder Killing affects more than the dead.
Can Sickness and Vulnerability Be Good for Your Psyche? Whenever I’m under the weather, I’m compelled to stay inside and forgo other plans. Some simply employ the “push through it” mentality, but not me. My body is telling me … ...
How To Spark People’s Compassion Towards Others Fairness is not a totally stable trait, people can be encouraged to show more compassion. » Continue reading: How To Spark People’s Compassion Towards Others » Read, the new site from PsyBlog's author Related articles:The Surprising Motivational Power of Self-Compassion Promises: The Psychology of Making, Breaking or Exceeding Them Electrical Brain Stimulation Can Instantly Improve Self-Control Social Rejection Triggers Release of Natural Painkillers in the Brain The Ultimatum Game
Fat Check: Med Control V Hell no I didn’t take the med. I am on a roll here, but the guilt is building. I feel like I am cheating or lying to my psychiatrist by … ...
Do We Project Our Own Personalities Onto Our Dogs Behavior? Dogs can be a sort of psychological mirror since people sometimes use their own personality tendencies to fill in the gaps when trying to interpret ambiguous dog behaviors.
Calling Obesity a Disease Dooms Dieters The better we succeed in convincing people that obesity is a disease, the less motivated obese people will be to fight back against these social and physiologic forces.
Visual objects are represented by a distributed network in human brain New research involves recording single-neuron activity in the brains of epilepsy patients who require electrodes implanted to monitor seizures. With the electrodes in place, processes such as perception and memory can be studied at the level of individual neurons.
Do I need a Psychology Today Profile? Online directories for therapists are one of the ways that you can get referrals for your private practice. In fact, Psychology Today says “Let Psychology Today find new clients for your practice.” Sounds nice right? Pay a monthly fee and get the phone ringing. But do you really need a...
The brain-belly connection: Scientists find key genetic triggers in weight-regulating brain cells The little voice inside your head that tells you to eat, or stop eating, isn’t a little voice – it’s actually a cluster of about 10,000 specialized brain cells. And now, scientists have found tiny triggers inside those cells that give rise to this “voice”, and keep it speaking throughout life.
5 Strategies for Watching the News When You’re Depressed It doesn’t take much these days to arrive at a panicked state. Not if you stay abreast of news headlines. Nine years ago, when I had my first mental health … ...
A Happy Life or a Meaningful One? They Are Not the Same Although experiencing happiness and meaningfulness in your life often go together, they are not exactly the same. Research shows what kinds of experiences are markers of a life that is happy but not meaningful, and the (sometimes surprising) experiences that comprise a life that is meaningful, but not happy.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Bipolar Disorder   Research on DBT and Bipolar Disorder Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a model of treatment originally developed and designed by Marshal Lineman. It is a modified form of cognitive behavior therapy specifically developed to target specific types of dysfunction utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques that are very effective with specific...
The Attractiveness of Personality Traits Some traits are more attractive than others. But there are downsides to all extreme scorers. Is there a downside to being a sociable extravert or a highly agreeable person?
Study: Older Workers Bring Valuable Knowledge to the Job But younger workers display superior reasoning abilities