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5 Tips for How to Dial Down Your Narcissism Yes, you can work on your narcissism.
Solving a Shakespearean Mystery With Data Our ability to use language involves a combination of complex mechanisms that allow us to produce speech, learn words, and combine those words into sentences. We certainly notice the oddities in people’s speech when they are not a native speaker of your language. But, a lot of what you say daily involves habits you have developed over the course of your life.
The Best Commencement Speech of All Time What do we need to hear in commencement speeches—whether we're graduating or not?
What Does Forgiveness Mean to You? You may imagine that forgiveness is arrived at through a logical, rational sorting-out process. For some forgiveness involves assessing degrees of guilt and innocence, the relative evil of the perpetrator’s … ...
How your brain is telling you to vote A new study has cast some light on the brain mechanisms that support people's voting decisions. The new study provides the first evidence that the lateral orbitofrontal cortex is critical for integrating different kinds of information to allow people to arrive at a preference.
Why Most Health & Mental Health Apps Fail Developers over the years have released thousands upon thousands of health and mental health apps in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Most of them you’ve never heard of, and fewer still last much longer than a year on the market. When so … ...
Star-shaped cells help blood vessels in the brain keep a grip on a healthy tone A star-shaped brain cell called an astrocyte appears to help keep blood pressure and blood flow inside the brain on a healthy, even keel, scientists report. The finger-like appendages of astrocytes, called endfeet, quite literally wrap around the countless, fragile blood vessels in the brain, constantly monitoring what's going on inside and around them
How To Be Content When Your Life Feels Out of Control How to feel mastery and satisfaction with life -- even when it's spinning out of control. » Continue reading: How To Be Content When Your Life Feels Out of Control » Read, the new site from PsyBlog's author Related articles:Why Some People React More Emotionally To Life’s Ups and Downs This Rewarding Way of Seeing Your Life Can Protect Heart Health The Lasting Impact of Early Life Stress on the Brain Sense of Belonging Increases Meaningfulness of Life The Temporal Doppler Effect: Why The Future Feels Closer Than The Past
Weight Gain Left Chris Pratt “Depressed” and “Impotent”... After emerging from near obscurity, Chris Pratt has become one of the biggest movie stars in the world. With his good looks, great comedic timing and bulging biceps, he has … ...
The FDA, the DSM, Gender Equality, and “Female Viagra” Concerning the demand for "female Viagra," will the FDA succumb to lobbyists accusing it of gender bias?
Poor sleep? Eating less at night may make next day easier Concentration and attention problems caused by sleep deprivation might be eased by eating less late at night, according to a new study.
Does summer make you depressed? Summertime depression is not as common as the winter version, and scientists don't have a good idea of how to treat it.
What Are the Psychological Effects of Casual Sex? Much of my audience is appalled by the fact that infidelity is so prevalent and that it has been so thoroughly monetized, while others simply shrug their shoulders and say things like, “People have been cheating since the beginning of time, so what’s the big deal?”
Quick and Easy Stress Management We all have our natural tendencies when stressed. Some get irritable; some shut down; some procrastinate; some dive in with both feet until they’re physically and emotionally spent. Here are … ...
Surgical anesthesia in young children linked to effects on IQ, brain structure Children who received general anesthesia for surgery before age 4 had diminished language comprehension, lower IQ and decreased gray matter density in posterior regions of their brain, according to a new study. The authors of the study recommend additional studies to determine anesthesia's precise molecular effects on the brain and contribution to diminished brain function and composition.
‘Empathy’ Is a False God ‘Empathy’ has been revered as the emotional analog of wisdom. I’m here to say that it is vastly overrated. It can even be a form of narcissism. ‘Responsiveness’ is the real source of the resonance of feeling between people.
Weekly non-invasive brain stimulation provides long-term relief of post-stroke pain Weekly sessions of non-invasive repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation provided sufficient long-term pain relief in 61 percent of patients with central post-stroke pain, and delivered long-term relief for patients who continued for one year, scientists say.
U.S. space program researchers develop potential nano-tools for deep brain stimulation The ability of a carbon nanofiber pad to detect changing neurotransmitter concentrations was demonstrated in a proof-of-principle collaboration between engineers and neurosurgeons. The active area was one-tenth the size of current deep-brain-stimulation electrical contacts.
3 More Damaging Assumptions We Make in Our Relationships... Everyone makes assumptions in romantic relationships. And these assumptions can get us into trouble. That’s because we create explanations for another person’s behavior without knowing if that interpretation is actually correct. And often it isn’t. We also hold certain expectations that we assume are facts. … ...
ADHD Is Being In The Now But Thinking In The Then ADHD doesn’t affect us all the time. It only affects us right now. Here in the present is the only time that awareness of ADHD matters. If that sounds like … ...