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New noninvasive method of intracranial pressure monitoring Researchers report preliminary findings that show a noninvasive method of monitoring intracranial pressure (ICP) that could rival the gold standards of invasive intraventricular and intraparenchymal monitoring. The device uses advanced signal analysis algorithms to evaluate properties of acoustic signals that pass through the brain in order to determine ICP values.
Best of Our Blogs: August 8, 2017 Can you believe we’re nearly done with summer. Many kids have already or gearing up for the new school year. With summer about to be a memory, I would love to know your favorite summertime reads. While the books are taking over my nightstand, I’m enjoying one … ...
What 'Game of Thrones' tells us about trauma After seasons of suffering, some of the most beloved characters on the show finally have the opportunity to heal.
Third of men say work a factor in mental health problems Men are more likely than women to suffer mental health problems brought on by work and less likely to seek help.
Testosterone levels decrease in men who get married, increase in men who get divorced The level of the male hormone testosterone decreases in men once they become married, according to a study recently published in Psychoneuroendocrinology. Testosterone is a male sex hormone and it serves a number of functions within the male body. Testosterone impacts on reproduction, muscle mass, bone structure and cognitive function. As well as these physiological [...]
Will New Brain Research Revolutionaize Mental Health Care? Can therapy rewire your brain? Can brain differences predict therapy outcomes? Can brain differences diagnose psychological disorders?
The Differences in Divorce for Men and Women The divorce rate for a first marriage in America is between 40-50%. After a first divorce, the common assumption is that a second marriage will fare better from previous learned experience. The divorce rate for a second marriage is between 60-67%. Although many people who … ...
Tiny molecule has big effect on brain's ability to learn Prenatal brain development is a crucial period, and as new research has found, even small alterations to the way brain cells develop can have significant effects later in life. Scientists have shed light on the role that small molecules called microRNAs play in early brain development. The research found a close link between early brain developmental events and changes in cognitive function in adulthood.
On That Google Memo About Sex Differences Are sex differences in personality real? A response to the Google memo.
How Facial Hair Changes A Man’s Attractivity Are beards attractive? And if so, how much should men grow? • Try one of PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do (NEW) The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
How Smart Should A Leader Be? Is it possible for a leader to be too smart? New research suggests that the link between intelligence and perceived leadership may be more complicated than you might think.
Overdosed America How did the U.S. become a nation involved in a prescription opioid epidemic? With drug overdose deaths nearly tripling since 1990.
Women have more active brains than men In the largest functional brain imaging study to date, researchers compared 46,034 brain SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) imaging studies provided by nine clinics, quantifying differences between the brains of men and women.
Increase Your Body Confidence: 3 Steps that You Can... Americans spend billions of dollars on weight loss and workout programs in order to try to achieve the “perfect body.” Advertisements promise confidence, improved self-esteem, impeccable health and romance once the perfect body is achieved. The myth that we are presented with is that we … ...
Beware of the Power Elite in Society The late, visionary sociologist C. Wright Mills warned that acts of elite deviance that cause social or criminal harm are part of the “higher immorality of the power elite.”
12 Things That Don’t Cause ADHD, Part 1 I was sent a link to an article this morning that had the dubious title, “12 Things Moms Do That Cause ADHD In Their Kids” and I wandered over to … ...
The Cure for an Imperfect Childhood Healing Relationships Linda: Some of us got off to a rough start in life. And for many of us, our childhood was missing the kinds of experiences that every child needs … ...
Increased brain acidity in psychiatric disorders Decreased brain pH in the patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder has been considered to be the result of secondary factors associated with the diseases, such as medication and agonal state. However, the researchers of the present study suggest that decreased brain pH is a primary feature of the diseases themselves, based on the current findings from systematic investigation using five animal models, which are devoid of such secondary factors.
People Everywhere Think Atheists Are Bad, Says New Study Religion has played an important part in countless wars, conflicts, terrorist attacks, murders, and genocides, yet people seem to associate it with morality. In fact, these same people—even other atheists—seem to think atheists are the immoral ones....
Less Labeling, More Understanding He's probably not a narcissist, and you probably aren't being gaslighted. When can we start dealing with human behavior on its own terms?