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Play, Common Core, and Early Reading Untangled In a raging debate, leading researchers in reading education are speaking out in favor of keeping Common Core Kindergarten Literacy Standards. Their message? It’s perfectly fine for five year olds to play AND learn to read in school!
Manning up: Study confirms men overcompensate when their masculinity is threatened From the old Charles Atlas ads showing a scrawny male having sand kicked in his face to sitcom clichés of henpecked husbands, men have long faced pressure to live up to ideals of masculinity. Societal norms dictating that men should be masculine are powerful. And new University of Washington research finds that men who believe [...] The post Manning up: Study confirms men overcompensate when their masculinity is threatened appeared first on PsyPost.
Legacy of slavery still impacts education in the south Slavery was abolished more than 150 years ago, but its effects are still felt today in K-12 education in the south, according to a new Rice University study, ‘How the Legacy of Slavery and Racial Composition Shape Public School Enrollment in the American south.’ ‘Our results suggest that the legacy of slavery contributes to black-white [...] The post Legacy of slavery still impacts education in the south appeared first on PsyPost.
Mom’s stress alters babies’ gut and brain through vaginal microbiome Stress during the first trimester of pregnancy alters the population of microbes living in a mother’s vagina. Those changes are passed on to newborns during birth and are associated with differences in their gut microbiome as well as their brain development, according to a new study by University of Pennsylvania researchers. During a vaginal birth, [...] The post Mom’s stress alters babies’ gut and brain through vaginal microbiome appeared first on PsyPost.
Conservatives demonstrate more self control than liberals — and belief in free will plays key role As the 2016 election cycle heats up, so does another topic for debate: Which political party has the greater sense of self-control? In a new study, “The self-control consequences of political ideology,” that appears today in the journal of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, conservatives showed a greater aptitude for certain aspects of [...] The post Conservatives demonstrate more self control than liberals — and belief in free will plays key role appeared first on PsyPost.
The Straight Therapist and the Gay Client The handsome male client was continually sarcastic and rejecting toward his young male therapist from the beginning. The male therapist was trying very hard to be supportive toward the client … ...
50 Things that Inspire You and Spark Your Creativity Recently, I talked about keeping a commonplace book — a collection of quotes, anecdotes and insights. Another helpful way we can cultivate our creativity is by listing everything that inspires … ...
How Pixar's Inside Out Gets Anger Right The character of Anger, voiced by Lewis Black, is pretty much all the anger metaphors rolled into one.
Three Surprising Things Your Eyes Say About You When William Shakespeare famously wrote that the eyes are the window to your soul, he didn't have the benefit of scientific studies. As it would turn out, research carried out centuries after he shared this insight backs him up.
Turning fake pills into real treatments A series of fascinating studies showed that many people respond positively to placebo pills -- even when they are told that the pills don't have any active ingredients. Researchers are now testing these "open-label" placebos for the first time among cancer survivors.
Two cultures, same risk for cognitive impairment Diabetes is a known risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia, age-related conditions that affect memory and thinking skills. However, little is known about how the diabetes-cognitive decline link compares across cultures.
Better outcome prediction of postanoxic coma EEG-measurements enable better prediction of the outcome of a coma that was caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. A new method helps to make reliable and correct estimates in about 50% of patients, instead of only 10% of patients with the methods currently used. This involves continuous EEG-measurements focussing on the speed with which the brain's activity recovers. It seems that recovery over time is a better indicator of the severity of brain damage than single brief measurements, which are currently done.
Violence: What Can We Do? Everyday, somewhere in America, violence erupts. Each night on the news there are people telling their horror stories of injury and trauma, testifying of the terror that occurred. Yet this … ...
Love for a Killer: "A Very Evil Kid” When Adam Lanza massacred school children, people asked about his genes. But that was the wrong question. Genes are inert without experience. Families of victims of Dylann Roof’s gun rampage forgave him. It’s a show of love that he probably needed much earlier in his life.
Our Creative Core and How to Access It “People who can think creatively and flexibly frequently have the best outcomes,” according to Stanford brain researcher Allan Reiss. But thinking too much about how to be creative? Now that might just hold up the entire creative process. In new research published in Scientific Reports, … ...
Functioning brain follows famous sand pile model In 1999 Danish scientist Per Bak made the startling proposal that the brain remained stable for much the same reason a sand pile does; many small avalanches hold it at a balance point, where -- in the brain's case -- information processing is optimized. Now scientists have showed for the first time that a brain receiving and processing sensory input follows these dynamics.
10 Things to Know about Strengths Blindness and Negativity... When I ask large audiences of practitioners and helpers: Who believes that they are “strengths-based” in their work? Most hands shoot up.  But, there is little consistency in what each … ...
Pollution may age the brain Exposure to air pollution may hasten brain aging, a new study has found.
Study finds listening to heavy metal may actually make you calmer Researchers say the results contradict the notion such music is linked to aggression and delinquency.
The surprising effect of 'nature vs. nurture' on twins Recent study suggests that the influential aspects of nature versus nurture are almost equally split.