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Can you transfer your mind to another body? This science video explains Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body? The post Can you transfer your mind to another body? This science video explains appeared first on PsyPost.
In pursuit of precision medicine for PTSD Brain scans of war veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder have led researchers to an area of the prefrontal cortex that appears to be a good predictor of response to treatment with SSRIs -- the first-line drug treatment for PTSD.
4 Things to Look for in a Trauma Therapist To heal from trauma means finally dealing with the source of the trauma, whether it’s childhood abuse or neglect, combat experiences, or a natural disaster or a violent assault. How … ...
Women's brains appear more vulnerable to Alzheimer's than men's Women with mild cognitive impairment, which can be a precursor to Alzheimer's, tend to decline faster than men.
Manipulating molecule in the brain improves stress response, new target for depression treatment Increasing the levels of a signaling molecule found in the brain can positively alter response to stress, revealing a potential new therapeutic target for treatment of depression, researchers report.
Why Changing My Name Was & Wasn't the Worst Thing I Ever Did I changed my name, regretted it for decades, then did something about it.
New treatment for severe depression with far fewer side effects Electroconvulsive therapy remains one of the most effective treatments for severe depression, but new research shows ultra-brief pulse stimulation is almost as effective as standard ECT, with far fewer cognitive side effects.
Is Your Childhood Wrecking Your Love Life? One of the legacies of childhood is how well or badly we connect to others, both in friendship as well as intimate settings. How your childhood experiences may shape your ability to love and be loved today, and how to understand and recognize patterns of insecure attachment.
Psychotherapy vs. Medications: The Verdict Is In Both psychiatrists and psychologists devote their careers to helping people with mental health issues. As promising as neuroscience may be for helping researchers find clues to the brain, the real key to treatment lies in therapy, not drugs. Your best bet is to explore all options when you or your loved ones seek help.
Uncovering Happiness: A Mindfulness Expert’s Guide to Breaking Bad... Six years ago, a fellow blogger, Elisha Goldstein, PhD of PsychCentral’s Mindfulness & Psychotherapy blog, introduced me to the concept of mindfulness. A clinical psychologist and bestselling author, he familiarized me with the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, whose Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program I participated in at our local … ...
You Can Help Yourself Wait for Better Options Delaying gratification is hard. You have probably seen the adorable videos of kids in Walter Mischel’s classic marshmallow experiments. Adults also have a lot of trouble delaying gratification. People pay extra to get fast delivery from websites. They accept small rewards in the present rather than waiting for longer rewards in the future.
Finding a Secure Base and Rewiring your Personality One way to change your insecure attachment style to that of having an “earned” secure style is to find and nurture your own secure base in adulthood. Learn what to look for and how to create for yourself the experiences that naturally instill mental health and well-being. It is never too late to rewire your personality in a way that works better for you and leads to more h
Confirmation Bias and Stigma Confirmation bias confirms not only expectations about the percept, but also those relating to the kind of world we live in and our role in it.
Do You Ever Pretend You’re Somebody Else? I decided I couldn’t live in a world without Robby. The only thing to do was to take his place. I’d have to become Robby. No, not “become Robby.” I’d be Robby.
From Meditation to Mental Resilience I have never been in jail. Thank goodness. But even the thought of going to jail…even the merest firing up of my imagination around the subject…brings on unimaginable stress. When … ...
Do You Work with a Narcissist?  Perhaps the best portrayal of a narcissistic boss is Meryl Streep in her film role as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada (2006). The fear and intimidation she exudes in her employees is a classic example of narcissism. While watching it on the screen may be entertaining, … ...
The Power of Evolutionary Psychology A good scientific discipline should provide tangible new findings about some phenomena. Evolutionary psychology consistently provides new insights into what it means to be human. Here are three of the biggies – things we simply would now know without evolutionary psychology.
Slowness as organization principle in the brain The brain is so complex that its structure cannot be completely determined by genetics. Neuroscientists attempt to figure out which mechanisms nerve cells use to organize themselves. They have suggested that slowness may be the decisive factor.
On Selling Out I have practice-building clients who deal with immense guilt when they leave the under served population with whom they’ve been working. Maybe they don’t like the day to day realities of working in the methadone clinic or community mental health agency, but they feel badly … ...
Likert Scale Examples and Usage Learn how to use Likert scale for attitude rating; a lot of examples and ideas for your future projects.