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Is the ‘successful psychopath’ a myth or reality? Is successful psychopathy an oxymoron? What’s the difference between psychopaths who spend their lives in prison and those who excel in society? These are some of the questions examined in a new study published in Current Directions in Psychological Science. The study, a scientific status report on early and current research, seeks to define “successful [...]
Postcoital Dysphoria: Study examines why nearly half of women have suffered ‘post-sex blues’ Hey, ladies: After a roll in the hay, do you find yourself wiping the tears away? You might have Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD), aka the “post-sex blues,” a self-explanatory condition marked by “tearfulness, a sense of melancholy or depression, anxiety, agitation, or aggression following sexual intercourse.” In a recent study of 230 college-aged Australian women, 46 [...]
Narcissists are not always risk-takers — despite what they say Maybe narcissists aren’t always such big risk-takers after all, a new study suggests. Many studies have found that narcissists often make volatile and risky decisions, possibly because they tend to have inflated views of their own abilities and achievements. But in a series of three experiments, researchers found that people who scored higher on measures [...]
A ‘black’-sounding name makes people imagine a larger, more dangerous person In a study exploring racial bias and how people use their mind’s-eye image of an imagined person’s size to represent someone as either threatening or high-status, UCLA researchers found that people envisioned men with stereotypically black names as bigger and more violent. The study, published today in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, sought to [...]
Everyone has their own daily rhythm of digital activity, shows study Over the past decade, there has been a surge of scientific studies on the digital activity of people, such as making mobile calls, texting, e-mailing, and posting on social media. Because nearly all human behavior leaves a digital footprint, scientists can use such digital activity as a proxy to track human activity in general, for [...]
Attention’s place in the human cognitive architecture Neuroscientists can’t build a brain, so they have settled with reverse engineering–learning a lot about each part in hopes that they can understand how all of the pieces fit together. In a Neuron special issue on “Cognitive Architecture,” published October 7, researchers present integrated theories on how processes–such as attention, body self-consciousness, and language–function within [...]
Sex is more likely on days college students use marijuana or binge drink Undergraduate college students were more likely to have sex on days they used marijuana or binged on alcohol than on days they didn’t, new research from Oregon State University has found. Binge drinking and being in a serious dating relationship also were linked with less condom use, putting young adults at risk for sexually-transmitted infections [...]
Don’t Judge Me – Mental Illness Awareness Week I know, I know, we are halfway through Mental Illness Awareness Week and I haven’t said a word. In a way, I was wondering what I was going to post. … ...
7 Things I Learned about Myself After Getting a Dog As I may have mentioned, my family and I just got a new puppy — a cockapoo named Barnaby. He’s fourteen weeks old, and super sweet and delightful. However, he is a dog, and even more so, he’s a puppy. I knew that his arrival in … ...
Highly Curious Approach to Gaining Power Over Anxiety When anxiety hits, most of us cower to it. We submit to the primal instinct that says, fight, freeze or flee! What if we did something different by conscious choice … ...
The psychological origins of procrastination – and how we can stop putting things off “I love deadlines,” English author Douglas Adams once wrote. “I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” We’ve all had the experience of wanting to get a project done but putting it off for later. Sometimes we wait because we just don’t care enough about the project, but other times we care [...]
Risk of suicide appears to increase after weight loss surgery A study of a large group of adults who underwent bariatric surgery finds that the risk for self-harm emergencies increased after the surgery, according to a study published online by JAMA Surgery. Morbid obesity is an epidemic in affluent countries; approximately 6 percent of Americans are morbidly obese. Mental health problems are prevalent in morbidly [...]
Online peer networks can motivate people to exercise more Can the Web make people more fit? It’s a question hot on the minds of everyone from health insurers to gym owners to public health officials. Although millions of dollars a year are being spent designing promotional ads and social media campaigns, they clearly aren’t working: more than 43 percent of Americans get insufficient levels [...]
Study details prevalence of PTSD in Vietnam War women vets Women who served in Vietnam have higher odds of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than women stationed during that era in the United States, and this effect appears to be associated with wartime exposures including sexual discrimination or harassment and job performance pressures, according to an article published online by JAMA Psychiatry. During the Vietnam era, [...]
Using machine-learning systems to predict changes in the Alzheimer’s brain MIT researchers are developing a computer system that uses genetic, demographic, and clinical data to help predict the effects of disease on brain anatomy. In experiments, they trained a machine-learning system on MRI data from patients with neurodegenerative diseases and found that supplementing that training with other patient information improved the system’s predictions. In the [...]
Many use prescription painkillers, most see abuse as major health concern More than one in four Americans has taken prescription painkillers in the past year, even as a majority say that abuse of these medications is a very serious public health concern, according to new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research. Roughly seven in 10 Americans have been prescribed the medications in their lifetime [...]
Researchers need to pay attention to differences in self-control when assessing public policies Whether it’s resisting buying a candy bar in the checkout lane or purchasing an unneeded pair of shoes on sale at the mall, self-control varies from person to person. Researchers must pay attention to these differences in individuals’ self-control when assessing the impact of public policies, according to a new study by marketing and consumer [...]
Parents influence children’s play of violent video games Parents who are more anxious and emotional can impact the amount of violent video games their children play, according to new consumer research from Iowa State University. The study is published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs. Russell Laczniak, a professor of marketing and the John and Connie Stafford Professor in Business, says given the [...]
The Best Facebook Pages You Should Be Following I started a mental health awareness and support page called The Lithium Chronicles on Facebook on Valentines Day 2013 and it has not only been a big support to my … ...
A Basic Map of Political Positions A quick and simple map of the major political positions in America today.