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Extremes of self-experimentation with brain electrodes MIT Technology Review has jaw dropping article about brain-computer interface research Phil Kennedy. In the face of diminishing funding and increasing regulation he “paid a surgeon in Central America $25,000 to implant electrodes into his brain in order to establish a connection between his motor cortex and a computer”. Both ethically dubious and interesting, it […]
How I Learned About the Family Dynamics I Write About In the comments by readers responding to my blogposts about dysfunctional family dynamics, I am often accused of naively believing my patient's "distorted" descriptions of their interactions with their family-of-origin members. In fact, I have observed these processes directly in a variety of ways. I describe those ways herein.
The Label “Narcissism” is Used Too Loosely Today Is there someone you know who is extremely boastful, self-absorbed, and is found frequently taking selfies or engaging in self-admiration? If so, do you really care? This seems to be the common understanding of narcissism that many people discuss. But, it’s not defining the real problem with narcissism.
Teaching Kids to Identify and Cope with Their Emotions It’s hard enough to identify, understand and cope with our emotions as adults. It takes practice. And often we get it wrong. That is, we can’t figure out what we’re really feeling. We ignore our feelings or pretend they don’t exist. Or we turn to … ...
Why Doesn’t Increased Wealth Always Make Countries Happier? The United States seems to exist in a state of perpetual political campaign these days. Politicians play on people’s dissatisfaction and unhappiness as they talk about why they will be able to make things better. The hidden assumption of this work is that if the economy improves, people will be happier.
Positive emotions more contagious than negative ones on Twitter New study shows that emotions spread like a virus through Twitter; some people are more susceptible than others to this 'emotional contagion;' positive emotions are much more contagious than negative ones.
Protein findings open new avenues to understanding, treatment of schizophrenia Stem cells from adult schizophrenia patients form new proteins more slowly than those from healthy people, according to new research. The findings are enhancing understanding of how schizophrenia affects the workings of the brain, and open the way to new approaches for future drug therapies.
Are You a Little Too Confident? While these days there is a lot of focus on developing self-confidence, it is possible to take it a little over the top, and others will begin to see you as an obnoxious and selfish person. Take this test to find out how you score on self-confidence continuum scale.
8 Psych Studies On How Women Can Get Hit On More…Which is Most Obvious? Could these be 8 of the most obvious findings about attraction ever? » Continue reading: 8 Psych Studies On How Women Can Get Hit On More…Which is Most Obvious?
What Puts People at Ease? Much of the time the fear we trigger in others is mild but people can feel threatened by stimuli they're not actually aware of.
Following Your Heart Sometimes we are faced with decisions and our heart and our mind don’t agree on the correct course of action. So, in these instances- do you follow your heart or … ...
7 Keys to Handling Holiday Blues The holidays will soon be upon us. Some will embrace them. These are the lucky ones who have memories of good Thanksgivings, Christmases, Hanukkahs, or other holidays that fall during … ...
Blood-brain barrier opened non-invasively with focused ultrasound for the first time The blood-brain barrier has been non-invasively opened in a patient for the first time. Scientists used focused ultrasound to enable temporary and targeted opening of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), allowing the more effective delivery of chemotherapy into a patient's malignant brain tumor.
Coffee giant accused of human rights violations Workers allege they endured racist remarks and sub-standard working and living conditions by Canadian-based Tim Hortons.
ADHD rates rise around globe, but sympathy lags Debates about the validity of the ADHD diagnosis and the drugs used to treat it play out around the world.
Prince Harry Emotional After Encounter with Marine Traditionally, the British royal family have been the model of composure and decorum but times have changed. Following the introduction of the late Princess Diana, the monarchs became more relatable. … ...
Study linking Champagne to dementia prevention resurfaces, but experts urge caution Red wine usually gets the most praise for its health benefits due to one of its powerful ingredients, resveratrol, which has been linked to improved mental health and a stronger heart.
What it means to be pansexual Scholars say the term appeals to a younger generation that dislikes labels.
Adult ADHD, its Effects on Marriage and Tips to Cope Typically, it’s not difficult to spot a child with ADHD, (especially if they are hyperactive), but adults with ADHD tend to have more subtle symptoms. As a result, many adults are struggling with ADHD and may not know they have it. Some of the subtle … ...
Today I Love The Rosy Hue Of The Morning Haze Today I love the rosy hue of the morning haze that’s lying to the east of the spruce trees and back neighbours. I love that it is so chilly outside … ...