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Why Unwanted Thoughts Keep Invading Your Dreams Think you can avoid thinking about that pesky relationship problem? In your dreams!
The Numbness and Irritability of Depression I’m having a hard time. There, I said it. Maybe you can relate. This week I have spent too much time in the bed covers sleeping. I am depressed. Historically … ...
Three Exercises to Build Your Mental Toughness   We admire them. We are awestruck by them. And in many ways, we aspire to be like them. But what we often forget about mentally tough people spend just … ...
How to Mindfully Deal with Difficult People (and Save... There’s a practice I’ve been doing for a while that is so simple and yet so impactful in working with difficult people and also bringing a sense of balance and … ...
We Never Spoke of It My father’s nicknames defined him. Bones, for his length, and “Glue Tips,” for his good reach and sure hands as a tight end on the football team. He won a football scholarship at BYU. It wasn’t until Dad returned home from the Korean War that … ...
A network of artificial neurons learns to use human language A group of researchers from the University of Sassari (Italy) and the University of Plymouth (UK) has developed a cognitive model, made up of two million interconnected artificial neurons, able to learn to communicate using human language starting from a state of “tabula rasa”, only through communication with a human interlocutor. The model is called [...]
Social media offers neuroscientists a treasure trove of research material Because social media is used so pervasively in modern society to tap into people’s behaviors and thoughts, neuroscientists are finding Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to be very useful tools in a broad range of research areas. A review published November 11 in Trends in Cognitive Sciences describes some of the approaches that neuroscientists can [...]
Brain scans may help predict recovery from coma Brain scans of people in a coma may help predict who will regain consciousness, according to a study published in the November 11, 2015, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study looked at connections between areas of the brain that play a role in regulating consciousness. For the [...]
Death of a parent in childhood associated with increased suicide risk The death of a parent in childhood was associated with a long-term risk of suicide in a study of children from three Scandinavian countries who were followed for up to 40 years, according to an article published online by JAMA Psychiatry. In Western societies, 3 percent to 4 percent of children experience the death of [...]
More young adults are failing to launch or ‘boomerang’ home The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne, concluded that the changing nature of family living situations often led to avoidable conflict. Associate Professor Cassandra Szoeke and Katherine Burn, from the University’s Faculty of Medicine, Health and Dentistry Sciences, examined both ‘boomerang kids’ (those who return home) and ‘failure to launch’ kids (those [...]
What’s the best time to launch a video game? The video game industry is a massive one, with some $93 billion in annual sales. Budgets for major titles rival those for major motion pictures. This fall’s 800-pound gorillas include Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront. But releasing a new video game title is a more complicated business than releasing a movie because in order [...]
Men with Alzheimer’s gene at risk of brain bleeding, study finds A common genetic variation, ApoE4, linked to Alzheimer’s disease greatly raises the likelihood of tiny brain bleeds in some men, scientists have found. Such hemorrhages in brain tissue – microbleeds – leave small points of damage throughout the brain and contribute to memory loss. The study led by USC Davis School of Gerontology scientists reveals [...]
‘Sorry’ doesn’t heal children’s hurt, but it mends relations Most adults know that a quick apology for a minor transgression, such as bumping into someone, helps maintain social harmony. The bumped-into person feels better, and so does the person who did the bumping. It’s all part of the social norm. But do apologies have this effect on children? A new University of Virginia psychology [...]
Researchers open ‘Golden Window’ in deep brain imaging The neuroscience community is saluting the creation of a “Golden Window” for deep brain imaging by researchers at The City College of New York led by biomedical engineer Lingyan Shi. This is a first for brain imaging, said Shi, a research associate in City College’s Institute for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers, and the biology department. [...]
Researchers open 'Golden Window' in deep brain imaging The neuroscience community is saluting the creation of a 'Golden Window' for deep brain imaging. This is a first for brain imaging, explain the authors of a new report on the topic.
Self-calibration enhances BrainGate ease, reliability Innovations in the decoders of the investigational BrainGate brain-computer interface now allow the system to recalibrate itself. Users can work with BrainGate for longer sessions without interruptions for recalibration by technical staff.
Men with Alzheimer's gene at risk of brain bleeding, study finds Additional evidence that Alzheimer's disease is unique to humans has been provided through recent research. This study also marks the latest study to focus on the Alzheimer's disease gene, ApoE4, and its different effects on women and men.
A Veterans Day Message of Thanks for 2015 Veterans deserve to be honored today for their sacrifice in defending our country and its ideals. Not only individual sacrifice from members in the military, but also the sacrifices made by their family and children. Veterans also deserve access to quality mental health care. Veterans … ...
The War on Sex Addiction In the world of science denial, the attempt to deny the existence of sex and porn addiction occupies a special place. Although a large and growing body of science demonstrates … ...
Scientists unravel brain circuits involved in cravings Researchers studying rats have discovered that activation of designer neural receptors can suppress cravings in a brain region involved in triggering those cravings. The study is the first to systematically show how designer brain receptors and designer drugs work together to change how cues for food stimulate motivation.