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Video: Can Thoughts Make Us Sick? The work I write about and teach has to do with learning how to disengage from being negatively affected by our dysfunctional or troubling thought processes and beliefs. One of … ...
Whole Body Vibration: An Old Idea Gets a New Life   Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has become a popular component in overall training in fitness centers.  WBV increases the results of fitness training as well as bringing a little novelty, … ...
Lucky to Be Here At All Sometimes thinking about ancestral conditions that necessarily existed for the lion's share of human evolutionary history helps us put modern issues into perspective.
Holocaust survivors’ memories help researchers map brain circuitry for gratitude Neuroscientists have mapped how the human brain experiences gratitude with help from an unexpected resource: Holocaust survivors’ testimonies. “In the midst of this awful tragedy, there were many acts of bravery and life-saving aid,” said lead author Glenn Fox, a post-doctoral researcher at the Brain and Creativity Institute at USC who led the study. “With the [...]
Study: Better communication about sex just as effective as so-called ‘Female Viagra’ pill A hormone treatment with oxytocin improves the sexual experience of women suffering from sexual dysfunction. This is the finding of a study conducted at MedUni Vienna, which has now been published in the prestigious journal Fertility and Sterility. However, a control group that only received a placebo via a nasal spray, showed similar improvements. Sexual [...]
Stressed dads affect offspring brain development through sperm microRNA More and more, scientists have realized that DNA is not the only way that a parent can pass on traits to their offspring. Events experienced by a parent over a lifetime can also have an impact. Now University of Pennsylvania researchers have shown at the molecular level how experiencing stress changes a male mouse’s sperm [...]
Study on putrescine finds the ‘smell of death’ can trigger fight or flight in humans New research from a team led by a psychologist at the University of Kent suggests that humans, like other species, can perceive certain scents as threatening. Dr Arnaud Wisman, of the University’s School of Psychology, found that putrescine, the chemical produced by decaying tissue of dead bodies, can produce a fight-or-flight response in humans. In [...]
Talking to Kids About a Family Suicide Attempt (Video) A well-researched video on how to talk to kids and teens about a suicide attempt by family or friends....
Some public schools have switched to a four-day school week — do kids learn more or less? How would you react if you were told that your local public school planned to change the schedule from the traditional Monday-through-Friday model to a schedule that contained four longer school days? Would you worry about long days for young children, their academic accomplishments and, of course, childcare? Across the US many public school districts [...]
Gene could hold key to treating Parkinson’s disease Researchers at King’s College London have identified a new gene linked to nerve function, which could provide a treatment target for ‘switching off’ the gene in people with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease affects approximately 7-10 million people worldwide and is characterised by progressive loss of motor function, psychiatric symptoms and cognitive [...]
Porn: Is it different for girls? The majority of adolescents with access to the internet have watched sexually explicit materials on the internet. However, the stigma attached to girls and their experiences of pornographic materials differs vastly from that of their male peers. Cosimo Marco Scarcelli of the University of Bologna interviewed dozens of Italian teenagers to explore how adolescents – [...]
Genomic ancestry linked to mate selection, study shows Genetic ancestry, as well as facial characteristics, may play an important part in who we select as mates, according to an analysis from UC San Francisco, Microsoft Research, Harvard, UC Berkeley and Tel Aviv University. Researchers used population genomics and quantitative social sciences to gauge the relatedness of parents in a study of asthma in [...]
Researchers find protein involved in helping control the architecture of neurons Our ability to learn, move, and sense our world comes from the neurons in our brain. This information moves through our brain between neurons that are linked together by tens of trillions of tiny structures called synapses. Although tiny, synapses are not simple and must be precisely organized to function properly. Indeed, diseases like autism [...]
Burnout and depression: Two entities or one? Burnout and depression overlap considerably, according to the latest study on the subject led by psychology Professor Irvin S. Schonfeld of The City College of New York’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership and his colleague, Renzo Bianchi, of the Institute of Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland. The findings are [...]
Birth order has only very small effects on personality Who we become only marginally correlates with our birth position amongst siblings. Psychologists from the universities of Mainz and Leipzig, Germany, came to this conclusion in a study recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). The question of whether a person’s position among siblings has [...]
New mathematical method reveals structure in neural activity in the brain A newly-developed mathematical method can detect geometric structure in neural activity in the brain. The method is a first step toward developing a new mathematical toolkit to uncover the structure of neural circuits with unknown function in the brain.
5 Ways to Handle Criticism Better “Hey, do you have a moment to chat in my office?” No matter the context, those words can strike fear in the hearts of even the most confident top performer. And sure enough, no matter how well you do at your job, receiving negative feedback … ...
Young babies don’t experience tickles in the way you think they do When you tickle the toes of newborn babies, the experience for them isn’t quite as you would imagine it to be. That’s because, according to new evidence reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on October 19, infants in the first four months of life apparently feel that touch and wiggle their feet without [...]
Clique topology: New mathematical method reveals structure of neural activity in the brain A newly-developed mathematical method can detect geometric structure in neural activity in the brain. “Previously, in order to understand this structure, scientists needed to relate neural activity to some specific external stimulus,” said Vladimir Itskov, associate professor of mathematics at Penn State University. “Our method is the first to be able to reveal this structure [...]
Early childhood stress creates lingering brain changes that affect response to rewards A Duke University-led study has pinpointed how early childhood stress affects the adult brain’s response to rewards. Their findings suggest a possible pathway by which childhood stress may increase risk of depression and other mental health problems in adulthood. Many studies have connected early life stress to later mental health issues for adults, but little [...]