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Younger generations of those in the military more vulnerable to suicide In the last 10 years, the U.S. military has experienced an unprecedented increase in suicides among personnel. While many researchers have largely focused on risk factors among individual soldiers, in a new study, researchers contend that the increase in suicide may also indicate increased vulnerability among more recent generations of young adults. Evidence supporting this [...]
Neuroscientists reveal how the brain can enhance connections When the brain forms memories or learns a new task, it encodes the new information by tuning connections between neurons. MIT neuroscientists have discovered a novel mechanism that contributes to the strengthening of these connections, also called synapses. At each synapse, a presynaptic neuron sends chemical signals to one or more postsynaptic receiving cells. In [...]
Babies have logical reasoning before age one, study finds Human infants are capable of deductive problem solving as early as 10 months of age, a new study by psychologists at Emory University and Bucknell finds. The journal Developmental Science is publishing the research, showing that babies can make transitive inferences about a social hierarchy of dominance. “We found that within the first year of [...]
Brain scan reveals cognitive deficits in older ‘cognitively normal’ HIV+ individuals Neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Center have found in a small study that although a group of HIV+ older individuals scored “cognitively normal” in standard neuropsychology testing, a scan of their brains tells a different story. Published Nov. 17 in the journal AIDS Care, functional MRI (fMRI) scans, taken while participants were performing an alternating [...]
Sound deprivation leads to irreversible hearing loss Massachusetts Eye and Ear investigators have shown that sound deprivation in adult mice causes irreversible damage to the inner ear. The findings, published in PLOS ONE, suggest that chronic conductive hearing loss, such as that caused by recurrent ear infections, leads to permanent hearing impairment if it remains untreated. Sound waves travel through the ear [...]
Interpersonal communication key to daughters’ well-being When faced with adversity, humans make meaning of their experiences through storytelling. Scholars also have found that women, in particular, express their emotions through ‘narrative sense-making’ and relate to and support each other by telling stories in everyday contexts. This is especially true when it comes to mothers and daughters. Now, a recent study from [...]
Master switch for brain development Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz have unraveled a complex regulatory mechanism that explains how a single gene can drive the formation of brain cells. The research, published in The EMBO Journal, is an important step towards a better understanding of how the brain develops. It also harbors potential for regenerative [...]
Patients improve speech by watching 3-D tongue images A new study done by University of Texas at Dallas researchers indicates that watching 3-D images of tongue movements can help individuals learn speech sounds. According to Dr. William Katz, co-author of the study and professor at UT Dallas’ Callier Center for Communication Disorders, the findings could be especially helpful for stroke patients seeking to [...]
3 Steps to Rebrand Your Parenting Style with a... When she hits the teen years, it’s time to re-think your parenting strategy. My daughter repeatedly doesn’t listen and she refuses to do it my way, even when her way doesn’t make sense. I’m sure you know that from your girlfriends, Rosie O’Donnell’s challenge with … ...
Breastfeeding Pain Linked to Postpartum Depression Breastfeeding is an Emotionally-Charged Issue for New Mothers As you will read in the following true stories, these new moms have experienced deep and life-changing struggles with breastfeeding and postpartum … ...
The Psychological Trap Behind Fear of Failure Some people call it fear of failure, but there’s more to it, because there is nothing wrong with failure. Failure is a learning experience and a lesson in what doesn’t … ...
The Truth about HIV Transmission among Addicts and Alcoholics:... The Truth about HIV Transmission among Addicts and Alcoholics: Charlie Sheen’s HIV Announcement on the Today Show   After watching the Today Show i interview with Charlie Sheen, I felt a … ...
New Book Examines the Moral Economy The question of what rightfully may be bought and sold has a simple answer: if you may do it for free, you may do it for money.
Cortical circuits that encode black and white While some things may be 'as simple as black and white', this has not been the case for the circuits in the brain that make it possible to distinguish black from white. The patterns of light and dark that fall on the retina provide a wealth of information about the world around us, yet scientists still don't understand how this information is encoded by neural circuits. But things just got a lot clearer.
Brain scan reveals cognitive deficits in older 'cognitively normal' HIV+ individuals Although a group of HIV+ older individuals scored 'cognitively normal' in standard neuropsychology testing, a scan of their brains tells a different story, report neuroscientists following a small study.
Scientists turn tastes on and off by activating and silencing clusters of brain cells Most people probably think that we perceive the five basic tastes -- sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (savory)--with our tongue, which then sends signals to our brain 'telling' us what we've tasted. However, scientists have turned this idea on its head, demonstrating in mice the ability to change the way something tastes by manipulating groups of cells in the brain.
Charlie Sheen Discusses Shame, Attempt to Conceal HIV Status... Charlie Sheen has been a big name in Hollywood for decades and, during that time, he earned a bit of a reputation for his partying ways. Still, he continued to … ...
Is sex once a week enough for a happy relationship? Study finds that for established couples, having sex once a week is the right amount for happiness and well-being.
Are Your Friends Making You Fat? When my kids were teenagers, one of my go-to phrases was “you are known by the company you keep.” Hang around kids who spend their time studying and you’ll get good … ...
How counselors help survivors of terrorism Experts say the ultimate goal is for terror survivors to regain a daily routine.