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Finding Support Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and ask for help. Asking for help is something I don’t like to do. I hate feeling like I’m putting my problems … ...
Can a Celebrity Endorsement Hurt the Brand? Celebrity endorsements are wildly popular among advertisers. If not used carefully, they can produce a "Vampire Effect" sucking the life-blood out of a brand.
Finding Fault: Feeling Judged Fault-finding is a common response when faced with disappointment and inconvenience. Every person approaches a problem or setback in one of two ways. Some focus on the problem or the … ...
You Are Responsible for the Quality of Your Own Life As a culture we seem to be gaining more and more awareness of the benefits of “self care” as a crucial ingredient for peace of mind and wholesome living. In successful … ...
Understanding Personality Disorders Eventually in everyone’s life, they will come across a person with a personality disorder (PD). It may be a family member, co-worker, neighbor or friend. Usually, it is hard to discern if a person has a PD in the beginning of the relationship, but eventually … ...
Being moody may help us adapt to change It’s long been known that mood biases our judgments and perceptions, but this effect has usually been regarded as irrational or disadvantageous. A new theory published November 3 in Trends in Cognitive Sciences argues that mood draws on experiences and can, in fact, help us quickly adapt to changes in our environment. For example, experiencing [...]
Study says cheerleading could help challenge gender stereotypes New research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) suggests that cheerleading has the potential to challenge traditional ideas about gender and to be an inclusive activity for both boys and girls. The study examined the educational and transformative potential of mixed-sex sports and what the obstacles might be in practice. It focused on cheerleading, [...]
New genetic risk marker for late-life depression One of the most powerful predictors in neuropsychiatry is the epsilon 4 (ε4) allele of the apolipoprotein gene (APOE). Individuals who carry this ε4 variant of APOE are at increased risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, early age of Alzheimer’s disease onset, and more rapid progression of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. APOE ε4 has also been associated [...]
Empathetic teachers enhance children’s motivation for learning Empathetic teachers enhance children’s motivation and academic skills, such as reading, writing and arithmetic skills. A positive atmosphere created by the teacher also safeguards and increases children’s motivation for learning, according to the Finnish First Steps study currently ongoing at the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Turku. The [...]
Depression and weight gain in pregnancy linked to sitting down A link between depression in pregnancy and long periods of sitting down has been identified by researchers from the University of Warwick. The study found those suffering from symptoms of depression during pregnancy are more likely to sit down for long periods of time in the second trimester. The academics also found this puts them [...]
Working on your tot’s memory now can help his high school success Preschoolers who score lower on a working memory task are likely to score higher on a dropout risk scale at the age of 13, researchers at Université Sainte-Anne and the University of Montreal revealed today. “Dropout risk is calculated from student engagement in school, their grade point average, and whether or not they previously repeated [...]
Lipid called ceramide helps keep algae and brain fluid moving The same lipid that helps algae swim toward the light also appears to enable one type of brain cell to keep cerebrospinal fluid moving, researchers report. The lipid is ceramide, long known to help keep skin smooth, and now Medical College of Georgia researchers have found ceramide helps make and keep in motion hairlike projections [...]
Pertussis infection in children associated with small increased risk of epilepsy Although the absolute risk was low, researchers found an increased risk of childhood-onset epilepsy among children in Denmark who had a hospital-diagnosed pertussis infection, compared with the general population, according to a study in the November 3 issue of JAMA. Pertussis, an acute respiratory tract infection, is among the most common vaccine-preventable childhood diseases in [...]
Scientists say Alzheimer’s probably a collection of diseases that should be treated separately A new study suggests that Alzheimer’s disease can emanate from more than one mechanism and is actually a collection of diseases that should be classified and treated separately. The study proposes that the failure to develop efficient Alzheimer’s therapy emanates from the pooling, in clinical experiments, of patients who suffer from distinct disorders that eventually [...]
Endurance expert: Drugs could help ‘lazy’ people exercise Endurance expert suggests drugs could help ‘lazy people’ exercise In what has been described as ‘doping for lazy people’ a University of Kent endurance expert has advocated the use of psychoactive drugs to encourage sedentary people to exercise. Together with lack of time, physical exertion is one of the main perceived barriers to exercise. This [...]
Study: How depressive thoughts persevere, interfere with memory in people with depression Intrusive, enduring, depressive thoughts are an ever-present part of daily life for people with depression. A first of its kind study from the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas published earlier this year in the Journal of Affective Disorders shows that depressive thoughts are maintained for longer periods of time for [...]
Brain’s hippocampus is essential structure for all aspects of recognition memory The hippocampus, a brain structure known to play a role in memory and spatial navigation, is essential to one’s ability to recognize previously encountered events, objects, or people – a phenomenon known as recognition memory – according to new research from the departments of Neurosurgery and Psychology in the Perelman School of Medicine at the [...]
The Ineffability Of Meaning Meaning is central to our lives, and what it means to be human. But the story of how we create meaning is one of the most fascinating, challenging, and perplexing, even, in the contemporary science of language and mind.
Like a Moth to a Flame Some people would prefer attraction to remain mysterious. There are several things you can control to make yourself more attractive to the opposite-sex.
Subtle Suicide: Are You Killing Yourself a Little Each... It’s known as ‘subtle suicide’. And it’s a silent epidemic. What is subtle suicide? Authors Michael A. Church and Charles I. Brooks define it as follows: Subtle suicide is a … ...