Best of Our Blogs: May 2, 2014

By Associate Editor

Being immersed in our culture of reality TV, self-help gurus and a plethora of parenting books, it’s difficult not to get steeped in shoulds. It’s not only the things I should say or do that get to me, but I rehash things in my mind about what I said or should’ve said, things I didn’t do, but should’ve done.

A mom in a parenting group said something I think applies to all of us whether we’re parents or not. She said the most difficult thing about being a parent was trying to solve a problem with no logical, black-and-white answer. It’s like aiming at a moving target. Things change at such a rapid pace. You never know if what you’re eating, saying, or thinking is the right thing to do.

The best we can do is sift through all the research, info and advice we’re given on a daily basis and sink into what feels right. This week, you’ll have a chance to do that in reading why positive thinking may not work for you. You’ll also learn the latest research regarding marijuana’s dangerous effects, the impact of friendships on your recovery, and ideas for celebrating mental health month and reconnecting with your child. These posts may provide the latest information on what’s good and not so good for you and your family, but like everything else, they require your own discretion.

Let this post be a reminder (for me included) to bury the shoulds for this moment and make the best decision for ourselves.

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