Semantic Path to Nonduality

By Nonduality is a hard concept to grasp.  It’s because it is not exactly a concept – it’s what you get when you transcend the concepts.  Confusing as the path may be, it is a path to a certain kind of clarity, to a certain kind of liberation.  So, here’s a semantic path to nonduality that I have devised for myself a while back.Perhaps, it’ll do you some good as well:Step 1: drop the “or” (black or white)Step 2: drop the “and” (black and white)Step 3: [nothing left to drop]Let me try to explain without getting too wordy:Step 1 allows you to walk away from dichotomous thinking. Dichotomous thinking divides reality into “this” or “that,” antagonistically opposing “this” against “that” by insisting that reality is either “this” or “that.”  By dropping the “or,” you stand to move closer to how things really are: they are not either/or, they are more like both/and.Whereas Step 1 (of dropping “or”) allows you to get rid of the dichotomous antagonism, Step 2 (of dropping “and”) allows you to move closer to the oneness of reality.  Reality is not black and white.  That would be two.  Reality is not-two.  Reality is neither black nor white.  Black and white, this and that are just different ways of seeing reality.  Whereas Step 1 allows for a phenomenologically democratic validation of different perspectives, Step 2 demonstrates that reality is what it is our phenomenological interpretations notwithstanding.Step 3 is living when there is nothing left to drop.I hope this helps.  If it doesn’t, look for your own path to collapsing the illusion.  There are many roads to this Rome.  But then again, you are already there, except for the mind-leg that keeps on walking you away from what already is.Pattern Break by mindstream.

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